Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What does morality have to do with these hard times?

  Our society has practically eliminated the need for morals with a "me first" mentality that disregards what's right or wrong in the world. Like Rome, we are slowly crumbling from within. The 21st century is a story of rampant capitalism and it's destructive nature. Some people are writing about this subject like Chris Hedges of Truthdig in his article titled, "America is need of a moral bailout" 

I have a column coming down the pipe titled, "An Age of Accountability: Are Americans paying for past permissive practices?" I think it's a subject that we all need to examine and consider. When trying to understand what has happened to our nearly rudderless society, we need to go to the root of the problem. Some people may disagree on one single thing that has got us in our moral wasteland, but others are starting to say it may have started at home as we were growing up.

  How did we swap our morality for money? Big corporations certainly led the way, but what led to the rise and power of these giant corporations? It's something to think about this Wednesday morning.

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