Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Orleans Art: Things are changing since Hurricane Katrina came

"Parade Watchers" by Myrtle von Damitz, III and Mardi Gras costume by Jackie Mang

New Orleans has been an introverted bohemian draw for centuries, but recent international attention to all aspects of the city's cultural phenomenon's has delivered new energy and intensity to its visual arts community. The art scene in New Orleans is at a turning point. The world's established contemporary art market is at a turning point as well, with more focus on source and originality of work, beyond the pure numbers of the market.

Many dynamic new visual arts alliances have formed since Hurricane Katrina - not just out of the intellectual petri dish of Barrister's Gallery but as a response to a wider desire of local artists to communicate with their friends and neighbors and to broadcast their sensibilities to the rest of the world. One such group aligned with Barrister's Gallery and the Antiabecedarians is the New Orleans Airlift (

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