Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prostitute bites ShamWow Guy's tongue! He slugs her in the chops!

   How many times have you seen an infomercial with this guy's mug? His real name is Vince Shlomi and he's a successful pitchman for absorbent towels and food choppers.

   After hiring a prostitute for a night of straight sex she started right off biting his tongue and not letting go! He slugged her in the chops and was later arrested for felony assault.

   When the cops found out about what she did, they arrested her and charged her with felony assault. As luck would have it, prosecutors decided to drop all formal charges and the two were released.

   But wait! There's more to this story. Go to thesmokinggun to get all of the juicy details and get a free thrill! Hurry...the first 200 visitors will get an autographed photo of the ShamWow guy's booking photo!

Don't delay...

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