Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exporting American Jobs: IBM fires Americans and sends their jobs overseas to India!

You sure can't call IBM patriotic when it comes to employing Americans. They just eliminated 5000 jobs here and are outsourcing them to India. Sound familiar? It ought to. The newspaper industry has been outsourcing jobs to India for a couple of years now and look what it's done for them. Nothing. They're still struggling and closing down across the country. I think those economists that argue outsourcing is good for America are full of prime A bullshit! Getting rid of jobs when 12 million Americans are out of work is bad enough. Sending them overseas is down right shitty and all that I would expect from a corporate entity with no heart or soul.

Here's an interesting take on what's happening today from TIME CNN -

IBM and the Rebirth of Outsourcing

A couple of month ago, India's chief finance minister may have made calls to the heads of IBM and several other large U.S. tech companies to tell them that the huge developing nation was hemorrhaging high-end tech jobs. Whether the call happened or not, looking at statistics from India it would be easy to see that the costs of outsourcing technology work to firms based there is dropping as unemployment in the country rises.


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For a number of years, unions and members of Congress spent a great deal of time complaining about the number of U.S. jobs being sent abroad. The bitterness about the issue seems to have receded recently, especially as the recession has deepened and large American companies have been inclined to cut jobs as much or more than they have been able to export them. Perhaps with the economy losing about 600,000 jobs a month, the need for efficiency though outsourcing has become less immediate. (See pictures of the Top 10 scared traders.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't blame IBM, they are only doing what our congress lets them do, collect taxpayer money, layoff americans, outsource jobs overseas and get a tax break for doing all this, it is evident that CANDIDATE Obama's promise to punish companies that outsource and reward those that keep jobs in the US has been forgotten by PRESIDENT Obama.


ImBlogCrazy said...

I still blame IBM. Just because they are getting away with what they do, doesn't make it right.

Yes, I'm disappointed in Obama's lack of response to outsourcing American jobs.

Promises often fade when a candidate takes office.

Anonymous said...

just one...if IBM wants to make you an offer, listen to it

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