Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This blog toured by worldwide academia today!

Who reads this blog?
I’m still researching that. Today, I thought I’d name where some visitors were coming from. One thing that was quickly apparent, this blog is popular with public schools, colleges, and universities across the USA and the world.
It’s funny how things travel in cyberspace. One email to the next. A link to your blog travels around the world, and suddenly strangers are reading you stuff.
I’m also adding a couple of unique visitors who stopped by just today.
Going to school with me today are:
Albuquerque Public School; Drake University; Utah Education Network; Saskatoon (Canada) Board of Education; Fairfield Public Schools; Bridgeport Public Schools; Austin Independent School District; Range High School; Hamilton-wentworth Catholic District School Board (Canada); Flagstaff Unified School District; Carnegie Mellon University(!); Angus College2 (United Kingdom); Thames Valley District School Board (Canada); DOD Dependents Schools-European Region-APO, Armed Forces; Eastligh College (United Kingdom); Hillsdale Baptist College, and Stockport Education Services (United Kingdom).
Unique Visitors
How about the Archdiocese of New York? Goodwill Industries; South Carolina Budget & Control Board; Kent County Council and Bridgend County Council and Dorset County Council, all from the United Kingdom, read my post on recycling.
Someone from the State of Nebraska/Office of the CIO stopped by for a read. Unisource Business Networks (Schwerz)Ag, from Bern Switzerland, checked in and someone from Vietnam Telecom National (out of Hanoi) paused to view too.
My last count shows about 350 visitors today and still counting. Thank you all for coming by. I’m learning something everyday!

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