Thursday, January 15, 2009

Palin's is today's candidate for "Worst" person in politics!

Gov. Sarah Palin's latest sacrifice on the altar of big oil is going to be the Cook Inlet beluga whale if she gets her way.

The state of Alaska, under Palin's direction, is suing over the increased protections for the white whales. She's opposed to them because her buddies in Big Oil are. They are opposed to anything that will stop oil development in the state, regardless of the cost to the environment and the animals who live there.

Palin has plans for expanding the Anchorage port so her cronies-in- crime can get more room for oil cargo ships and barges. What I really find reprehensible is what Denby Lloyd, commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said to reporters, "The beluga whales population is stable and beginning to recover." What an outright lie!

In numerous scientific reports released last year, warnings went out that the beluga whales population may be as small as just 375 whales! Why does Palin think that they were placed on the "endangered species list?" It doesn't matter however, as long as people in the right positions lie and get away with it, sans Denby.

Once the deed is done, and there are no more beluga whales, it's too late to say, "Opps!"

Palin is my candidate for the WORST PERSON IN THE NEWS today...with apologies to Keith Olberman.

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