Monday, January 12, 2009

National safety group urges cell phone ban while driving

When California passed its first cell phone law, I knew that it just didn't solve the problem. People were still texting while driving, which was actually more dangerous!

After some guy caused a train wreck that killed over twenty people, California lawmakers hastily added texting to the misdemeanor list. My gripe is that people ignore these laws everyday. I still see the same amount of people playing with hand-held cell phones as their driving.

One of the reasons is the ridiculously low fine imposed. A ticket for $20 bucks, or even $50 bucks is chump change to most people. It sure isn't going to deter people from yakking on the cell phone as they hurtle down the road.

A national safety group is advocating a total ban on cell-phone use while driving, saying the practice leads to fatalities. I really think this is a well-written article. Click here for the full story in the Chicago Tribune.

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