Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senate caving in to seating Burris as next senator from Crimeland USA, otherwise known as Illinois!

As the senate goes through the motions to seat Roland Burris today, I'm struck by how high corruption reaches into the halls of Congress!

How could a governor involved in a scheme to sell a senate seat get away with appointing someone to the Barack Obama's old job?

Why was Burris Blago’s senate pick?

Burris donated $4,500 to Blago’s campaign for Governor, he even donated as early as June which was the same time Blago was deep in scandal. Basically  Blago just got his damn way. Lets not forget that Burris and ex-Black Panther, Bobby Rush, were trying to inject race into this whole thing.

This guy is from old school Illinois politics, he isn’t even “Change”.  This type of distraction is what Blago wanted. This whole situation is very apparent to me. Obama didn't want the distraction this appointment was causing so he basically told Senate leader Reid and others to cave in, and let Burris have his way.

As usual, back door deals continue to be the modis operandi of our politicians, from the bottom to the top. I'm disgusted at the way this is going down. Secret deals are made and everything is supposed to "go away."

photo courtesy of HistoryMakers

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