Saturday, August 29, 2009


 Dave Berman is based in Humboldt County, and is a self-described “advocacy journalist.” Last year, I was one of the signers of a campaign Dave started about “un-provable election results.” See “We Do Not Consent.”

If you’re not familiar with Dave, I strongly encourage you to not only read this new book of his, but look back at his web sites and other books that have made a positive difference in the world we live in.

One of these days, Dave and I might collaborate on some articles regarding suspect election results, and or, some community project.

Heres…………….Dave Berman!

“I have posted my new e-book, We Do Not Consent, Volume 2 (free .pdf) and launched my new video blog, Manifest Positivity( WDNCv2 is made up of essays previously published here at the WDNC blog, book-ended and given context by a previously unpublished intro and epilogue (both reprinted below), as well as a glossary that now also appears at Manifest Positivity (please click the book or new blog to read that, a frame of reference for terms cultivated and simply used a lot in my past and future public service work).
This is the same combination of steps I took three years ago when I launched theWDNC blog in conjunction with publishing the first WDNC book (free .pdf) as a collection of essays from my previous blog, GuvWurld. There is a strong sense of continuity through all these projects, as summarized in Manifest Positivity's statement of purpose:” (Click here to continue reading.)

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