Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Warning! Watch For Dangerous Caravans In America

Pandemic Diary
Day 170

Dear Diary,

In 2018, Trump warned his base that South American and Mexican "caravans of terrorists" were on the way to invade America.

Looking back, it was a lie based on racial fear and promoted by Trump who was seeking votes from suburban women. It didn't work. A blue wave swept the suburbs and the Democrats regained control of the House.

Emerging as open allies of Trump are conspiracy groups like QAnon, far-right militias, and white supremacist's. In a desperate bid to retain his power Trump is embracing anyone who supports him.

For example, he's suddenly a backer of caravans. Now caravans are good because they're carrying his cult followers.

When a caravan of his loyal minions invaded Portland during a protest with paint ball guns and noxious sprays, he applauded them.

When one of the invaders, a right wing militia group member (Patriot Prayer) was killed during the deadly drive through downtown Portland, Trump sent coded messages to militias around the country that he supported them. Especially since so many of his followers belong to militia groups.

Will there be more Trump caravans invading other cities? It seems likely based upon the chaos Trump is causing during his American carnage campaign to get re-elected. 

The symbiotic relationship between right wing militias and Trump supporters has never been so clearly defined until now. Their supreme leader has called for chaos, and they're more than happy to comply.

Americans have good reason to be concerned about dangerous caravans this election cycle. This time it's not about immigrants illegally crossing the border. It's about Trump caravans rolling into a city near you and causing chaos! 

Quote for the Day: "How do you defeat terrorism? Don't be terrorized." -Salman Rushdie

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

As November Draws Near Trump's Campaign Turning Out Lies With Warp Speed

Pandemic Diary
Day 169

Dear Diary,

Trump Campaign signals full speed ahead for Captain Donny's false claims! 

New alt-right PAC's bulging with dark money have geared up their operations to tell more lies, and faster than ever before in Operation Warp Speed Part Two. Bigly lies.

One of the Pac's - Preserve America - is being run by the same SOB (Chris LaCivita) who orchestrated the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth takedown of John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.

Despite exposing their false claims, Kerry's campaign was never able to recover from the brazen barrage of lies.

Some of the most vile Republican operatives from the past have crawled out from beneath their rocks in this last-ditch effort to salvage Trump's campaign, which has been steadily losing ground to Biden.
Lies and Dirty Tricks

Last week, Michigan's state officials announced they were investigating a widely inaccurate robocall that targeted Black voters in the crucial swing state with threatening and incorrect information about voting by mail.

This last weekend, a member of the Republican House leadership shared a doctored video of a disabled activist talking to Joe Biden. After manipulating the video to make it appear the activist was attacking Biden.

Twitter labeled the video "manipulated media," and it disappeared, but not before getting millions of views.

On Sunday, Trump had a tweet removed after sharing false information about coronavirus statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Twitter took the inaccurate tweet down and posted that its "no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules by endangering peoples lives.

There's such an abundance of disinformation coming from Trump and his minions it's impossible to keep up with them daily. That's why I only gave a few examples here today.

Quote for the Day: "There are few reasons for telling the truth, but for lying the number is infinite." -Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Monday, August 31, 2020

No Politics on this Day: Celebrating 46 Years of Marriage

Pandemic Diary
Day 168

Dear Diary,

No politics today.

It's my wife, Shirley and I's, forty-sixth Wedding Anniversary. We were married on this day in 1974.

We're going out on a picnic, and if we're lucky, we might find some agates. To ensure a peaceful outing we'll be unconnected from the world for the day.

Our marriage has been a long and twisting journey with it's shares of highs, and lows. One of the reasons we've managed to work things out is that we're best friends.

The challenges we faced would test any marriage, but we've come out stronger, and even more in love after each one. One key to our happiness is communication. I know. It sounds droll. But it's true.

Never go to bed angry at one another.
Don't be afraid to tell the truth, and never lie to one another.
Listening, really listening, to each other.
Saying "I love you" should be said daily anywhere, anytime.

One of greatest joys in life is our children, and our grandchildren. We are so proud of our three grown sons, and our five wonderful grandchildren. 

Life is too short.
I'll be 70 in a couple of months with the realization that it's important to live for each day... not to worry about yesterday, and not to worry about tomorrow. 

Quote for the Day: "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Why is John 'The Rat' Ratcliffe Cutting Back on Election Security Briefings?

Pandemic Diary
Day 167

Dear Diary,

Here's what we know so far...

Trump is busy downplaying Russia's involvement in this year's elections and that means suppressing any intel about Putin efforts to keep Trump in office.

John "The Rat" Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, is scaling back election security briefings with 64 days to go before the election.

Why? Because "The Rat"  is another Trump toadie who has no problem getting help from Putin. That's it in a nutshell.

Drilling down deeper, this latest information suppression move is part of Trump's overall plan to rig the election. His attacks against the Post Office and the validity of our mail system is sowing seeds of uncertainty in our 245 year-old institution.

In addition, Trump is counting on conspiracy theories popping up as an October surprise. In particular, he has traitor Sen. Ron Johnson "investigating" Biden and his son Hunter, in a conspiracy theory put forward by Russian intelligence that has been repeatedly debunked by our own intelligence community.

It doesn't matter however. Fact-checking doesn't slow down the flood of lies from Trump and his campaign minions. Adding to the chaos, Trump is causing concern in the healthcare community and his own Coronavirus Task force.

The fact that Trump has denied the science behind the pandemic has caused others to follow his ignorant lead which has led to COVID-19 super spreader events and 183,000 dead Americans... and still counting.

For good measure, Trump is doing his best to ignore the reasons for riots in various cities (systemic racism), and to use them as dystopian backdrops for his hypocritical "Law and Order" campaign to save suburban housewives. 

The Rat's  latest move to stop oral briefings (which the Senate and the House prefer so they can ask questions) isn't going to end his interference against facts that Trump doesn't want exposed. Expect more jaw-dropping moves downplaying Russia's ongoing efforts to re-elect Trump.

The overall plan - if can call it that - is to spread fear, confusion, and chaos in the nation; ultimately discouraging people to vote. 

Quote for the Day: "Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater." -George Washington Carver 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Two America's On Display 66 Days Before Election Day

Pandemic Diary
Day 166

Dear Diary,

The contrast between the two Americas we live in has never been so stark. 

Trump's Speech on Thursday at the RNC, and the 57th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous speech at the National Mall on Friday.

About 2,000 people attended Trump's speech - without face masks - and heard Trump's racist rhetoric and outright lies about how great he's been for the country.

Tens of thousands of people - most with masks on - showed up Friday for the March On Washington at the National Mall, an event planned months ago to call for justice for African-Americans - especially men.

The four day freak show that was the RNC, sowed seeds of fear and hated. The overall grim message they painted was one of pure anarchy if Biden wins the election in November.

Contrast that with the DNC, and Biden's message of hope and equality for all. They spent four days highlighting Americans from every spectrum of society and the need for unity. The overall message was there was hope for our democracy and that things like science will no longer be ignored.

Every day the contrast between the Party of Trump and the Democrats grows starker. Trump aka, Doctor Doom, versus Biden, aka Captain America. Hans Solo versus Darth Vader. Good versus evil. Light versus the darkness.

The weeks ahead will be filled with new attacks against the very fabric of our society, truth, equality, and justice. Trump will leave no stone unturned to retain his power.

This election features a factor never before experienced: the possibility of the fall of our republic if Trump is re-elected. 

His distain of the Constitution and Congress, is well known. Trump has broken laws and tossed out traditions with authoritarian impunity since seizing the White House with the help of his buddy Putin.

Hope for America's redemption comes on Nov. 3rd when people turn out to vote in record numbers for Biden/Harris. 

Quote for the Day: "What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise." -Barbara Jordan

Friday, August 28, 2020

Trump's Final Coronation Ceremony Was A Bummer

Pandemic Diary
Day 165

Dear Diary,

When Trump waddled up to the podium set up at the South Lawn of the White House yesterday to give his bigly speech, The Washington Post was probably on his pea brain.

As he ranted about demonic democrats before a crowd of 2,000 people without face masks, a bombshell story broke that really chaffed his fat ass! 

New Federal spending documents obtained by the Post via a public-records lawsuit give more detail how how the Trump Organization charged the Secret Service - a kind of captive customer, required to follow Trump everywhere.

In addition, campaign finance records have provided new details about the payments the Trump Organization received from GOP groups, as a result of the 37 instances in which Trump headlined a political event at one of his own properties. Those visits brought the company at least $3,8 million in fees, according to the Post.

As Trump babbled about personal freedoms his minions were already compiling a "very large dossier" on Pulitzer Prize-winning WP writer, David Fahrenthold, in anticipation of harassing him and other WP reporters. 

Trump's litany of lies hung in the humid air as he portrayed Biden as a Godless man, and an instrument of the far left. It was a surreal evening with Trump claiming to be a "Law and Order" president even as he was under investigation in several corruption lawsuits along with the newly released investigation by the Post.

As a backdrop to Trump's angry dystopian rant there were thousands of protestors making a lot of noise. They're discordant voices rose to the skies as fireworks went off at The National Mall celebrating the Emperor with no clothes.

Quote of the Day: "Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad." Henry Kissinger

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Trump's Coronation: The Pandemic Has Passed and Other Bigly Lies

Pandemic Diary
Day 164

Dear Diary,
Before commenting on the latest Trump coronation abominations, I want to point out something the Trump regime didn't want Americans to know about:

This story broke yesterday
Multiple US troops were injured in a collision with a Russian military convoy in eastern Syria on Tuesday, according to several US officials who reported the incident to CNN.

Despite Trump and military leadership at the highest levels being aware of the incident within a short time of it occurring, the Pentagon has still not publicly acknowledged that Americans were injured. 

The reason why is simple and sinister; Trump doesn't want anything to detract from his coronation ceremonies. US soldiers being wounded by Russians in Syria may spoil the spell he's weaving at his coronation.

What Happened at the Coronation
Viewers were led through an alternate universe where the pandemic has passed, and a sitting secretary of state mixed diplomacy and politics in a speech from Jerusalem, effectively violating state department rules that he had signed on to.

The tsunami of lies throughout the performance swamped any attempts to unite - or recognize - the pain Americans are currently experiencing. 

With one exception. Former pole dancer and porn star, First Lady Melania made an attempt at sounding compassionate and even recognizing people were suffering outside her elite circles.

Her mockery of a WWII uniform was a bit over the top, but then so were many other things that night. 

The coronation was a celebration of cultural wars, rebukes of liberal ideology and stories of Americans who say they have benefited from Trump's policies.

I'm not sure where they found the dairy farmer/Trump minion, but her praise (supposedly on behalf of all diary farmers) rang pretty hollow when you look at the damage Trump's trade wars have done to farmers across the country.
They have to be bailed out annually now thanks to Trump's American First policy.

Then there was Trump's nightly appearance where he pardoned a bank robber in the White House, and also swore in five new Americans in a clumsy ceremony that was supposed to show he loved immigrants. 

Trump lackey Sen. Rand Paul pained a picture of Trump as a philanthropic president. I noticed he forgot to mention Trump's family-run phony charity that was shut down for ripping-off veterans and other Americans.

Listening to another Trump lackey Larry "Shameless" Kudlow promise that Trump will be able to turn around the economy again (it was growing when Trump slithered into office) was enough to make most pundits puke.

But when Kudlow told everyone that they were better off now than they were under the Obama administration, I expected to see lighting strike the building. As he droned on about Trump's victory over the coronavirus, I had to drink a Pepto Bismal cocktail to stomach it.

Also hard to stomach was super hypocrite, Cissie Graham Lynch, American evangelist Billy Graham's granddaughter. She ranted on about being obedient to God or to Caesar, and how the radical left would force people of faith to violate their deeply held beliefs.

Again, it was hard not to lose my lunch when she actually claimed Trump was a fierce advocate for God. Still no lightning strike, but I bet her grandfather turned over in his grave.

There were other sickening sideshows featuring a wealthy brat, Nicholas Sandmann, defending Trump against the anti-Christian, anti-conservative, media outlets...
Abby Johnson, founder of the ant-abortion group "And There Were None," who made explosive claims (actually lies) about her time working for Planned Parenthood.

She earned her Trump credentials by tweeting that she had a hard time understanding how people can't see the connection between abortion and the Jewish holocaust.

There were other cult supporters during the chaotic program to celebrate an alternate reality TV president that I'm not even going to mention here. I understand the reader can only take so much!

Quote for the Day: "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past." -George Orwell, 1984

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Day Two of Trump's Coronation: Fear and Loathing is Central Theme

Pandemic Diary
Day 163

Dear Diary,

I knew what trolls would be trotted out during yesterday's continued coronation ceremonies, but I was surprised to see such a grim overall apocalyptic message. 

Apparently it's the Trumpian version of an upbeat coronation which he told the media to expect to see during his four-day freak fest.

But it quickly turned into a program of fear and loathing by featuring two Trumpies facing felonies for threatening people with their weapons. 

The alt-right lionized the two idiots who sat in their mansion last night and told Americans to be afraid...very afraid of black rioters coming to their neighborhoods. 

Trump's eldest offspring Don Jr. painted scary suburban scenarios where housewives were fearful for their lives over the possibility of minorities moving into their neighborhoods.

Trump pulled out his favorite conspiracies' and warned that if Biden were elected American cities would all be set on fire by roving gangs of Blacks and Latinos. That our democracy was at stake and only the Chosen One knew what to do. He congratulated himself on his rapid response to the coronavirus.

It was one of many lies Trump repeated about the pandemic's history, and his supposedly life-saving response to the deadly virus.

Overall, Trump's lies were so numerous that fact-checkers had a hard time documenting them all by this morning.

It's official; the Republican Party is dead. After last night everyone realizes the MAGA-verse, or cult of Trump, dismantled the GOP and replaced it with a King. No platform for this new party. Instead, it adopted continuing Trump's America First policy which is basically what Trump wants, Trump gets.

There were no former Republican luminaires (presidents and such) to lend some credibility to the coronation. Most had already appeared at the DNC and vowed to vote for Biden.

What a stark contrast to the first two days at the DNC which promoted unity and equality for all. 

After tonight's performances, and tomorrow's finale featuring a long rant by the most malicious narcissist in the world, Donald J. Trump, the comparison between the two events will be sharply delineated for voters to consider in November.

Quote for the Day: "Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart." -Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Day One of Trump's Coronation Was Full of Newsworthy Stories

Pandemic Diary
Day 162

Dear Diary,

What a day of infamy for the RNC yesterday after crowning Trump King and the Chosen One.

There were other newsworthy stories that broke yesterday too. Here's some examples:

**New York's attorney general is investigating whether Trump's company inflated the value of his assets to secure favorable loans and insurance tax benefits.

Eric Trump, whose currently the president of the Trump Organization, is being deposed by the New York State Attorney General in an investigation of the Trump Organization. Thus far, Eric has avoided requests to appear pursuant to a subpoena.

If the NY State AG's request from the court is successful, Eric will have to testify. Just a thought; think how terrifying that must be for daddy Trump who knows he's an idiot!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

**A bombshell dropped on Trump yesterday when his most loyal, and longtime subject, Kellyanne Conway announced she was leaving the White House to devote more time to her four children.

Even hubby George Conway had a big announcement... he was stepping away from The Lincoln Project to also spend more time with his kids.

Kellyanne's swansong will be today as she appears as a guest speaker for Trump's coronation ceremonies.

Postmaster DeJoy Grilled by Congress 
**Highlights include Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the chair of the House Oversight Committee telling Louis DeJoy if he doesn't turn USPS documents over to the committee he can expect to be subpoenaed.

The hearing was basically reality versus an alternate reality pursued by Republican minions. Democrats produced documents and other evidence, and Republicans continued to stonewall with conspiracy theories. 

My concern is that nothing much will come from the revelations of corruption as the Trump regime continues to muddy up reality with his bully pulpit.

Family Skeletons Rattling in Trump Family Closet
After Trump's niece, Mary, wrote a scathing book about Trump's upbringing last week, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry made news when a secret audio of her disparaging her brother was reported by the press yesterday. She made it clear that he was a serial liar.

I could mention other newsworthy events that overshadowed Day One of Trump's coronation, but I'll spare the reader. I believe the point was made.

Quote for the Day: "A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself." -Arthur Miller

Monday, August 24, 2020

Day One - Trump's 'Coronation' Ceremonies Begin Today

Pandemic Diary
Day 161

Dear Diary,

The bigly producer for the RNC - recently re-named The Coronation of The Chosen One - Donald Trump, is ready to share an alternate universe tonight.

Trump will appear in all four days of the Coronation's indoctrination propaganda extravaganza.

I wonder if viewers will have to wear rose-colored glasses in order to see the special guests and the Orangeness himself? If so, I won't be able to witness the withering of truth nightly because I'm not a cult follower on Trump's mailing list.

Not that it's a problem. I practice protecting my brain cells and that means not watching or listening to alt right loons; like conspiracy lunatics from QAnon, who Trump embraced at a recent press briefing/mini Trump rally.

The Trump campaign says the whole Coronation will have elements of surprise and will be fun to watch. I have to admit just thinking about guest speakers being rolled out in cages covered with Confederate battle flags sounds like good wholesome entertainment.

One thing Trump made perfectly clear to his minions; he doesn't want his Coronation to be upstaged by the successful Democratic National Convention last week. It's all about ratings in Trump's world so expect a totally different look.

For example; the DNC had former presidents, party leaders, and ordinary people speaking every night. Most of the speakers in Trump's Coronation are family members. However, don't expect his niece, or sister Maryanne, to speak for obvious reasons.
The DNC's central message of unity and empathy is a stark contrast from what Trump has planned; best described as a message of division and a dystopian future unless the Chosen One is re-elected.

Most Americans are going to have a hard time comparing the hopeful message by a little boy who stuttered with the message sent by a man and wife charged with a felony for waving weapons at peaceful protestors going by their house.

Expect the contrasts to be on steroids. Bigly lies versus the truth. Fiction over fact. Fear versus hope. Ideology over science. An alternate universe in contrast to reality.

Quote for the Day: "We live within the reality we create, and we're quite unaware of how we create the reality." -James Turrell

Sunday, August 23, 2020

American Carnage: RNC Set for Four Days of Dystopian Dialogue

Pandemic Diary
Day 160

Dear Diary,

Next week is going to be more surreal than ever as the Republican National Convention gets ready to flood the airways with lies and conspiracies' beginning on Monday.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that every aspect (no matter how small) of the planned four-day alt-right festival will have Trump's tiny hands on it.

The theme for this four-ring circus ought to be "American Carnage." Some may remember Trump's inauguration speech where he laid out a picture of an apocalyptic America waiting to be saved by himself - the chosen one.

He's dusting off that lie and parading it around proudly in the overall message he wants Americans to embrace while drinking Kool aide and watching his TV extravaganza.

Using the White House as a background for his political propaganda is deeply wrong and unethical. But the spineless GOP cowards in the House and Senate have been silent because they sold their souls to Trump.

Here's just two of the caliber of guests who'll be featured during the freak show:

(1) Remember that St. Louis couple who gained national attention after photos and a video showed them brandishing weapons (he with a semi-automatic rifle, and she with a pistol) at peaceful protestors marching by their house?

Their names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and they were charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Mark McCloskey is slated to be a special speaker at the RNC.

(2) Another memory lane moron whose invited to speak at the RNC is that grinning little smartass Covington Catholic High School (former student), Nicholas Sandmann.

The viral photo of him smirking in the face of an elderly Native American will always be an example of the Trump Youth Movement that's infected some schools. 

The overall RNC message will clearly lay out a culture war and a case for dividing Americans. In the end the big message is "only Trump can fix it." Whatever "it" is.

What a contrast to the Democratic National Convention last week where the theme was unity.

Quote for the Day: "This battle will not be won with a few of the strong holding against the tide of tyranny, but with fists raised in unity to build an indestructible wall against the tide, forcing it away from our shores." -Starr Z. Davies

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