Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Warning! Watch For Dangerous Caravans In America

Pandemic Diary
Day 170

Dear Diary,

In 2018, Trump warned his base that South American and Mexican "caravans of terrorists" were on the way to invade America.

Looking back, it was a lie based on racial fear and promoted by Trump who was seeking votes from suburban women. It didn't work. A blue wave swept the suburbs and the Democrats regained control of the House.

Emerging as open allies of Trump are conspiracy groups like QAnon, far-right militias, and white supremacist's. In a desperate bid to retain his power Trump is embracing anyone who supports him.

For example, he's suddenly a backer of caravans. Now caravans are good because they're carrying his cult followers.

When a caravan of his loyal minions invaded Portland during a protest with paint ball guns and noxious sprays, he applauded them.

When one of the invaders, a right wing militia group member (Patriot Prayer) was killed during the deadly drive through downtown Portland, Trump sent coded messages to militias around the country that he supported them. Especially since so many of his followers belong to militia groups.

Will there be more Trump caravans invading other cities? It seems likely based upon the chaos Trump is causing during his American carnage campaign to get re-elected. 

The symbiotic relationship between right wing militias and Trump supporters has never been so clearly defined until now. Their supreme leader has called for chaos, and they're more than happy to comply.

Americans have good reason to be concerned about dangerous caravans this election cycle. This time it's not about immigrants illegally crossing the border. It's about Trump caravans rolling into a city near you and causing chaos! 

Quote for the Day: "How do you defeat terrorism? Don't be terrorized." -Salman Rushdie

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