Monday, August 24, 2020

Day One - Trump's 'Coronation' Ceremonies Begin Today

Pandemic Diary
Day 161

Dear Diary,

The bigly producer for the RNC - recently re-named The Coronation of The Chosen One - Donald Trump, is ready to share an alternate universe tonight.

Trump will appear in all four days of the Coronation's indoctrination propaganda extravaganza.

I wonder if viewers will have to wear rose-colored glasses in order to see the special guests and the Orangeness himself? If so, I won't be able to witness the withering of truth nightly because I'm not a cult follower on Trump's mailing list.

Not that it's a problem. I practice protecting my brain cells and that means not watching or listening to alt right loons; like conspiracy lunatics from QAnon, who Trump embraced at a recent press briefing/mini Trump rally.

The Trump campaign says the whole Coronation will have elements of surprise and will be fun to watch. I have to admit just thinking about guest speakers being rolled out in cages covered with Confederate battle flags sounds like good wholesome entertainment.

One thing Trump made perfectly clear to his minions; he doesn't want his Coronation to be upstaged by the successful Democratic National Convention last week. It's all about ratings in Trump's world so expect a totally different look.

For example; the DNC had former presidents, party leaders, and ordinary people speaking every night. Most of the speakers in Trump's Coronation are family members. However, don't expect his niece, or sister Maryanne, to speak for obvious reasons.
The DNC's central message of unity and empathy is a stark contrast from what Trump has planned; best described as a message of division and a dystopian future unless the Chosen One is re-elected.

Most Americans are going to have a hard time comparing the hopeful message by a little boy who stuttered with the message sent by a man and wife charged with a felony for waving weapons at peaceful protestors going by their house.

Expect the contrasts to be on steroids. Bigly lies versus the truth. Fiction over fact. Fear versus hope. Ideology over science. An alternate universe in contrast to reality.

Quote for the Day: "We live within the reality we create, and we're quite unaware of how we create the reality." -James Turrell

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