Monday, November 13, 2023

To Shut Down the Government or Not? That is the Question

With a possible government shutdown in four days the Speaker of the House is being held hostage by MAGA members whose only goal is chaos.

MAGA Mike Johnson (Trump's name for him) is finding out that he's helpless against his own fellow extremists when it comes to passing any legislation. He's facing his first real test of his speakership.

The thought of all Republicans agreeing on anything is nothing more than dust in the wind.

Johnson's predecessor Kevin McCarthy was booted for keeping the government running with a bipartisan agreement. Despite Johnson's vow to avoid a government shutdown that's where we're heading on Friday.

The illusion of Republican unity when Johnson was elected speaker has vanished and he's now facing the same challenge that McCarthy did. Nothing is going to happen unless there's a bipartisan agreement.

If you look at Johnson's lack of legislative experience at this level, it's apparent he's a little fish in deep waters. He's never chaired a committee and comes from the party's anti-leadership wing that made governing so difficult for his predecessor.

Give Johnson some credit for proposing a clean CR (well, technically, one clean CR with two timelines). It actually surprised the Democrats who are now showing a willingness to work with him. But with members of the Freedom Crazy Caucus opposing any sort of compromise Johnson is between a rock and a hard place.

To make matters worse the White House is slamming Johnson's two-tiered approach to a CR which they claim is a parliamentary gimmick, but Senate Democratic leadership is not on the same page.

As it Stands, as long as Republicans continue to play political games with American lives and prosperity, we'll be subjected to Congressional chaos that threatens our freedoms and the republic.

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