Friday, November 17, 2023

Once Considered 'Normal' Stefanik Shows She Belongs in MAGAverse Circus

One of the things I enjoy in the morning with my first cup of coffee is reading headlines from major newspapers across the country.

Today's search provided this nugget from The Arizona Republic; GOP leader ruthlessly mocked after 'clown car' Kari Lake endorsement

Quote from author E.J. Montini: "Stefanik used to be one of those seemingly normal, intelligent, conservative Republicans who one day painted her face white, stuck a red foam ball on her nose, slipped into a pair of enormous shoes and waddled off to join the Trump circus."

Montini maintained Stefanik's "Ringling Bros., Barnum & Baily endorsement of Kari Lake" was as bad as her endorsement of George Santos who's not running for re-election next year because he'll probably be in jail.

That means there's going to be an opening in the tightly packed clown car in Congress. Montini wrote that "Kari Lake is calling shotgun!"

In order to keep her position in the House Stefanik follows Trump the Ringmaster's orders gleefully. Like her MAGAnut colleagues in the House she is running interference for Trump in all four of his indictments. 

But even a top performing clown like Stefanik has to waddle carefully amid the chaos in the House where Republicans are fighting among themselves. Her endorsement of Santos has backfired spectacularly and now her peers are looking at expelling the corrupt little creep.

Stefanik also faces flak for the Republican loses in the last election on November 7th. Her ace in the hole is that she's stayed loyal to Trump regardless of the damage to her reputation in the real world.

In her latest attempt to prove her loyalty to the orange-skinned Clown of Clowns Stefanik filed an ethics complaint against the New York judge overseeing Trump's fraud trial claiming he showed "a clear judicial bias" against her idol.

As it stands, I suspect there's a secret Trump University for Clowns operating out of satellite classes across the country.

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