Thursday, November 16, 2023

The State of the Union: Americans Who Love Violence

Historically ancient Rome and The United States of America have one thing in common... their love for violence.

That may sound harsh, but the comparison is obvious. 

When it came to entertainment ancient Roman's love of brutality and violence is well documented. Think gladiators dying horribly in an arena packed with thousands of people howling for blood.

In America we are one-step away from fighting to the death becoming legal. Boxing and wrestling have always been considered sports, but they have become too tame for a jaded American public that wants more blood for their bucks.

That attitude opened the doors for the extreme combat we see today in the UFC, MMA, and bare-knuckle fighting that's so popular today. There are almost no rules which allows for maximum physical damage.

As if this trend isn't bad enough there's another problem spreading like a wildfire across the country and the government... the increase of physical violence in the streets and halls of Congress.

The once hallowed corridors of the Capitol are no exception. Senators picking fights during committee meetings or House representatives elbowing each other in the kidneys has become the new norm.

Throw in the biggest, most violent cult in American history, Trumpism, and you have the recipe for destroying a democracy.

We are also contending with a crazed former president who wants to get re-elected after trying to steal the last election who is urging his cult to violence daily.

The myth that once circulated around the world that Americans were a peace-loving society has been shattered in the 20th and 21st century. 

Instead, we're now known for having the most mass shootings of any industrialized nation in the world. We allow citizens to carry around weapons of war. There's literally millions of Americans who own the favored assault weapon of mass murderers, the AR-15.

Entertainment corporations are busy turning out even more realistic and violent video games for all ages using artificial intelligence. There's blood daily on millions of monitors displaying gruesome deaths designed to slake the thirst of our savage society.

Not all Americans worship violence. There are millions who don't. All they truly want is peace. But you can't hear their voices over the robust chaos caused by extremists who infect all walks of our life. 

As it stands, I'd like to believe the meek will inherit the earth as Jesus Christ once said, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

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