Saturday, November 18, 2023

Memo to House Speaker Johnson: You Released J6 Footage - Now What?

MAGA universe is celebrating MAGA Mike's release of all 40,000 hours of footage from their government takeover attempt at the Capitol.

But why?

What do they expect to see that most of America has not already seen in the mainstream media, right-wing media (Fox news got their hands on those same 40,000 hours of footage), social media platforms, and the Freedom of Information Act (for those schooled in investigations)?

For years now right-wingers have claimed the assault on the Capitol was a False Flag Operation, planned or at least egged on by plainclothes federal agents in an attempt to undermine Trump and his MAGA movement.

All of their attempts to rewrite history can't change the evidence regardless of what Trump and his cult claim.

What are the right-wingers hoping will happen after the video drop? Try not to laugh but the MAGA morons are particularly fixated on an old conspiracy theory spread by former Fox host Tucker Carlson who accused Ray Epps of being a an undercover "fed."

For the record Epps is suing Fox News for spreading lies about him.

That crazy accusation is getting new life despite being disproven by facts revealed by the courts in a two-year long investigation. It doesn't matter however, MAGA Mike made a lot of partisan promises to get the gavel and this was one of them.

It doesn't have to be true, if that's what MAGA Mike's cronies want. Continuation of impeachment attempts against President Joe Biden and renewed efforts to harass his son Hunter, were also promises made - and as happy MAGA morons are saying - "Promises made, promises kept."

Trump cult members have been immersed in alternate reality scenarios on Jan. 6 since the day after the attack on the Capitol. This latest attempt includes slandering J6 committee members for "perpetuating a lie that J6 was an insurrection." 

What we're seeing are MAGA lawmakers who've decided they would rather have a dictator than a democracy. They consider themselves Trump's front-line defense against reality and the rule of law.

I can see it now, "Gym" Jordan, James Comer, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, George Santos, Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs and the rest of the crazy caucus sitting in a little viewing room, eating popcorn, and watching hours of footage hoping to find something to bolster their lies.

As it stands, no wonder the GOP majority House members can't pass any legislation, they're too busy serving the twice-impeached former president who has been charged with 91 felonies in four jurisdictions.

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