Tuesday, November 14, 2023

It' Just Got Better! House Passes Bill to Keep Government Open

The House passed a short-term bill to avert a government shutdown.
Earlier post today...

Republican house members
have become so dysfunctional they're physically attacking one other instead of working on keeping the country open with a shutdown looming Friday.

As if there's not enough dissension in the GOP ranks the former speaker of the house, Kevin McCarthy, took a cheap elbow shot to the kidney of his colleague Tim Burchett while he was being interviewed in a Capitol hallway today.

It seems McCarthy hasn't got over being ousted from his speaker perch and Burchett just happened to be one of the eight GOP members who voted to get rid of him. 

Here's a link from ABC News reporting on the scuffle.

This pathetic drama happened while Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is supposed to be cobbling together a majority to pass a two-tiered CR. Unfortunately, the bill, in its current form, is dead on arrival in the Senate. 

The bottom line is that Speaker Johnson is going to need Democratic support to send a bill to the Senate that will have a chance of passing. His chances of keeping his job don't look good if he does send a bipartisan CR to the Senate.

It still only takes one person to call for Johnson's ouster and the House will be totally paralyzed again. Don't get me wrong, the House is almost paralyzed right now!

It's a dire possibility that is going to cripple the American economy just as signs of improvement have increased in recent months. As it is right now the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates in December. 

I can't stress enough what a terrible time in history this is happening as we can't help our allies, or even ourselves from financial ruin if the government is shuttered. 

As it stands, I don't necessarily believe in miracles, but it would sure be nice if a clean CR was passed (See Update on top of the page - Maybe miracles do happen!)

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