Thursday, September 21, 2023

What a 96 Year Old Judge Learned from Trump When She Was 'Sidelined' By Peers

There's a judge on the Federal Circuit appeals court who is 96 years old and she's fighting mad that her colleagues think she's losing it mentally.

Pauline Newman (photo above) has served as a judge since the 1980s. Recently she has been accused of saying some really crazy things like talking to a dead colleague out loud and showing signs of paranoia and memory loss in her interactions with the courtroom staff.

The court ruled yesterday that Newman, "Accused staff of trickery, deceit, acting as her adversary, stealing her computer, stealing her files, and depriving her of secretarial support." The report also stated that she threatened to have one of her assistants arrested during a paranoid rant.

A group of 11 judges barred her from hearing new cases for a year after she failed to cooperate with an investigation into whether health issues prevented her from keeping up the job's demands.

So, what does all of this have to do with Trump? I'm glad you asked.

Newman and her counsel have been trying to discredit the whole process by trying their case in public. Sounds familiar? Look at what Trump's been doing with his four indictments.

Going full MAGA, Newman's lawyer is creating a narrative of hostile, disrespectful, and appalling treatment marked by exercises of "raw power" all borne out of "personal animosity for Judge Newman.

To put the cherry on the propaganda pie Newman's lawyer sued to stop the investigation. That's classic Trump.

It's also line and chapter from Trump's book on How to Subvert the Court System with Blatant Lies.

As it stands, the subject of aging office holders has been swirling around the political landscape (think McConnell and Feinstein in the Senate) a lot lately. This is just one example of why it's so controversial.

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