Friday, September 22, 2023

Trump Proves He's in Charge in Congress Despite Being a Loser

There's nothing subtle about Trump's dominance of the Republican's in Congress.

An unelected and criminally indicted egomaniac is calling the shots in the House and thus far his loyal minions are performing for him like well-trained chimps.

The weakest Speaker of the House in history has been cornered by a minority group of crazies who dream of burning up our democracy daily.

As the country grudgingly inches toward a shutdown Speaker Kevin McCarthy threw up his hands and let everyone go home this weekend... like there's all the time in the world left to avoid an economic disaster.

Meanwhile McCarthy is having a meltdown as he realizes his double-dealing to become speaker is coming back to bite him in the ass. Making deals with several groups under one roof is a recipe for failure. He's finding that out to everyone's dismay.

Even letting some of the crazy caucus committee heads conduct a bogus inquiry into impeaching President Joe Biden didn't solve his dilemma.

Throughout this disgusting drama Trump has proven he's the man in charge of the weak-kneed GOP lawmakers who treat him like he's still the president. 

They've cravenly threatening to defund the DOJ and the FBI if they don't stop persecuting Trump and drop the investigations against him. 

Despite the probability that Trump doesn't get re-elected after being charged with 91 felony counts in four jurisdictions, is pretty high. I simply don't see that happening.

What I do see happening right now is Trump is controlling Congress and the entire Republican party without being elected. A loser is leading the GOP down a destructive path that's not going to end well for anyone under his spell.

The majority of Americans are sick of Trump's antics and degradation of our democracy according to all of the polls.

As it stands, when, or if, Trump wins the Republican nomination for president the result will be the most humiliating loss in the party's history.  

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