Monday, September 18, 2023

The 'Bobo" Files: She Thought She Was at The Rocky Mountain Horror Show!

Have you ever been to a theatre that showed the Rocky Mountain Horror Show?

It's an experience you'll never forget.

The audience dresses up in full costumes portraying the movie's characters and everyone joins in on the songs. Immersive and impressive.

Despite being made in 1975 the show continues to play in college towns and other parts of the country today.

Now it's time for the "Bobo" files featuring Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's antics.

She recently went to see the Beetlejuice Musical with a boyfriend and got kicked out of the theatre for disrupting the audience, vaping, and putting on a show of mutual sexual groping.

I'm going to give Bobo the benefit of the doubt and say she was so stoned that she thought she was at the Rocky Mountain Horror Show and was doing what came naturally.

You could argue she wasn't dressed up as a character from the iconic movie so there was no excuse for thinking she was attending the cosplay event. But when someone is really high who can say what their thinking?

It was another memorable moment from the Bobo Files as she and her boyfriend were escorted from the theatre, and she showed her maturity level by flipping the staff the bird on the way out.

I recommend that Bobo and her boyfriend take in a performance of the Rocky Mountain Horror Show (it just so happens it's playing in Denver this week) and really let it all hang out. 

Bobo could go as "The Usherette" and her boyfriend could go as "Rif Raff." I'm sure they'd have a lot more fun where they could blend into the madness.

As it stands, maybe it's just me, but it seems like Bobo is doing everything she can to keep from getting re-elected.

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