Sunday, September 17, 2023

House GOP Following the Smoke... from an Alternate Reality

Split screen: 

"Where there's smoke there's fire," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, GOP committee chair James Comer, and GOP committee chair Jim Jordan have been claiming for months, while Democrats ask, "Where's the evidence?"

Flashback to iconic TV ad where a grandma holds out a burger bun and asks, "Where's the beef?"

For the record the Biden crime family myth has been debunked numerous times but the Trump minions in Congress keep repeating it like a Buddhist mantra.

To be clear the only smoke in the GOP controlled House is coming from Republican's asses. 

They're trying to convince gullible Americans that they are the fire fighters battling through the smoke concealing Democratic lawmakers' corruption. It's more like they're the pyromaniacs that have lite the fires with lies and partisan propaganda.

Smoke and mirrors have been part of the GOP's history for a long time, but they've recently updated their misinformation techniques with the power of social media by weaponizing it to promote fascism and authoritarian talking points.

It seems to me that those same clueless Republican House members need to check their internal smoke detectors because there's a fire burning in their own camp. McCarthy versus the Freedom Caucus is threatening to burn down their own house of clowns.

Normally I'd shrug off their bullshit but when it could lead to a government shutdown because GOP extremists are busy playing fantasy fire fighters to advance any bill, I take notice.

As it stands, "Always somewhere there is fire and smoke, insistent reminders of the greed consuming the world." - Sy Montgomery

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