Sunday, November 13, 2022

I Wonder How Long People Are Going to Continue to Underestimate Joe Biden?

He might as well be Charlie Brown for all the respect President Joe Biden gets from all quarters.

As the midterms wind down Biden's party discovered he was a much stronger president than they thought. He's been unfairly underestimated and criticized despite having a formidable first two years.

Let's face it. Biden's a great guy and very empathetic, but he's no John F. Kennedy. His rallies are milder that the theatrical performances the GOP has been putting on for the MAGA crowd.

Biden is the kind of guy you might bump into at your local grocery store. There's nothing remarkable in his appearance and he's soft-spoken. His blue eyes are warm with a sense of humor lurking behind them.

I believe that despite the House going back to the Republicans (at least that's what's projected as of this writing with a three-seat majority) it doesn't mean no legislation will get passed in the next two years.

If anyone can put together a coalition of lawmakers from both sides, it's Biden. With the Senate staying Democrat, he's got a strong ally providing him with bargaining options. 

All of that said, I don't think it's a good idea for Biden to run for re-election in 2024. There's the age thing for starters. It's obvious this term is taking a toll on him. His own party, when recently polled, thinks he should not run again (a 70% majority).

What I hope to see is the Democrats come up with some strong young candidates for president by mid-2023. As pundits will point out after these midterms, those young voters (with their expanding numbers) were pivotal in the Democrats successes and keeping the Senate blue.

When the time comes, I want to see Biden back the popular candidate with his bully pulpit for the good of the whole party.

I'm sure Republicans are counting on harassing Biden and his family for the next two years, trying to prevent him from getting any legislation passed. Sadly, that's their whole warped Revenge Tour agenda.

But I think Republicans are underestimating the old war horse. And who says the Republicans are going to stay united over every issue for the next two years? 

This particular group with its wacked out minority Freedom Caucus is going to see a lot of backbiting. It won't be pretty.

As it stands, I think as long as people continue to underestimate Biden, they do so at their own expense.

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