Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Will the Temperature Eventually Turn Down with More Women in Political Offices?

I've always considered women more reasonable than men. 

There's a boatload of scientific data showing women are better at bargaining and controlling their temper. Men on the other hand generally start beating their chests when conversations don't go their way.

With more and more women entering politics I'm hoping they can cool the fires down in congress and the state houses. I've heard other men disparage women and say they are too emotional to lead anyone.

That's bullshit.

All you have to do is look around the country at women politicians to see the positive impact they've already had in political discourse and organization. Take Nancy Pelosi or Liz Cheney for example.

Single women voted for Democrats, adding to their winning margins in the surprising midterms. Young people's votes were huge in the contest. My point is that a solid democratic base has to include (at least) equal numbers of women to win contests.

It's an historical fact that men have always underestimated women. The reasons are myriad, but the underlining problem is men are afraid of women.

This country is full of misogynists who devote their time to restricting women's rights in the workplace and society. 

The good news is the glass ceiling has been broken in American politics allowing women to hold important government offices and positions in congress.

But we still haven't elected a woman president yet. Maybe 2024 will be the year we get a democratic woman in the Oval Office. It's a thought. 

Frankly I don't know who a good woman candidate would be... yet. Give it time. Maybe midyear of 2023 we'll have a clearer picture of democratic candidates for the next election.

I should add that I also don't have any men on my list of potential candidates either. 

Before you say there's too many crazy women in politics already let me state the obvious; the majority of crazies in politics are men. Go ahead and count them.

Being somewhat of an expert on women - I've been married to the same one for 48 years - I can tell you their clever and canny in ways men will never be. It's kind of like their superpower.

As it stands, underestimate a woman at your own risk!

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