Saturday, November 19, 2022

Hug a Turkey Instead of Eating it this Thanksgiving

Well, why not?

Hug a turkey this year instead of eating it.

I must admit it's a fascinating concept. Theoretically the same idea could save thousands of pigs, cows (they do have some at Gentle Farms), and other assorted living things we eat if it catches on which I wouldn't bet on.

Power to the turkeys! Host a turkey cuddling event at your home this year. Where did this crazy idea come from in the first place? 

There's a farm in California (Gentle Farms) that's having an event to display their "reverence for all life" this year and it's featuring turkey hugs (for $50 visitors can spend 90 minutes getting to know a turkey better by hugging it, feeding it treats and making small talk).

If you ask me the biggest turkeys are the people paying $50 a pop to pet and hug a big bird!

But the owners of the Santa Clarita-based farm (The Gentle Barn) believe turkeys are affectionate and are really helping people in therapeutic sessions.

There are two other farms associated with the Santa Clarita farm that also charge for turkey hugs. One in Nashville, Tennessee, and the other in St. Louis, Missouri.

Needless to say, this new humane concept of celebrating Thanksgiving without eating a turkey, has spread far and wide among turkeys in America who are seeking to enlist at one of the three farms.

Personally, I had no idea that turkeys have been cherished throughout history for their intelligence, affection, and dynamic personalities. At least according to the folks at Gentle Barn.

It's probably a good time to correct some gobble gossip. Turkeys looking up at the sky during a rain fall don't drown. It's an old wives tale that needs to be shot down.

So, I guess we can agree that turkeys aren't dummies and they have a soothing effect on humans.

As it stands, the word has been getting out to other animals we eat during the holidays, to organize hugging events if they want to live longer!

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