Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Trump's Re-Election Announcement Spells Doom for Republicans in 2024

Finally, after a year of teasing his MAGA faithful Trump dumped his load and declared he's running for president... again.

Democrats were ecstatic to hear the news yesterday.

Champagne corks were popping as Trump ranted and raved about how great he was as a president. The 200 guests in the Mar-a-Lago ballroom looked like club members forced to show up for his big announcement. The tepid applause every now and then didn't reflect any true enthusiasm. 

The goal of keeping a democrat in the Oval Office in 2024 got that much closer. Think about it. How is a three-time election loser going to take the GOP to the promised land after another ridiculously bad showing in the midterms?

It gets better.

The Republican party (the Mitch McConnell wing) wanted Trump to wait until the Dec. 6 runoff in Georgia between Hershel Walker and Rev. Warnock was over. They had a slim hope of winning but if Trump steals the thunder and donations, Walker's chances of winning are greatly reduced. 

The gift of announcing his presidency now is going to keep on giving the democrats ammunition and motivation for the 2024 presidential election.

Meanwhile the Republican party is squabbling about why there was no Red Wave and Trump is getting backlash for losing the senate and nearly losing the House.

McCarthy won the leadership nomination against his challenger Andy Biggs. McConnell may face a challenge to his leadership but in the end, he's going to keep his roost. The backbiting against him is coming from Ted Cruz who's desperately looking for someone to blame for the historic losses.

Let's consider a few more things that are going to be beneficial for democrats in the next two years.

-- It's likely the crazies in the GOP caucus will get their way and they'll try to impeach President Biden. I can't think of a better motivation for democrats to turn out in record numbers in the next election.

-- It's really unlikely that Republicans will pass any meaningful legislation. Voters notice things like that.

-- If these midterms taught us anything Americans are tired of the eternal warfare and conspiracies the GOP has polluted our political system with in the last six years.

-- A new Trump campaign will set up a test between the growing skepticism of his ambitions among the upper echelons of his party and the adoration millions of his base voters still feel for the twice-impeached ex-president.

I could go on with more examples, but I think I made my point here. Americans are weary. We have enough challenges with climate change, the economy, and a lingering COVID-19 that keeps mutating.

I'd like to believe that some maggots will desert Trump's decreasing tent and move on to someone else who isn't a loser. I don't expect a significant amount of his supporters will stop idolizing him, so we can expect a three-ring circus for the next two years.

The new House committees plan on conducting a revenge tour by investigating everyone they don't like. These mini-theatrical events will only motivate democrats, independents, and even some republicans to vote against extremism.

So, yeah... do your worst Donny! Your days are numbered.

P.S. What a pathetic performance!

As it stands, Trump and minions won't go gently into the night. That's what democrats are counting on. 

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