Friday, September 30, 2022

There's Never Been True Equality in America: Get Over It!

It's time to set the record straight.

When our ancestors created that sacred document known as the Constitution, it only applied to a narrow segment of people living in America at the time.

One of the most hypocritical statements in the Constitution states, "all men are equal." Having slaves - as many of the signers did - was considered okay. The dark-skinned slaves didn't count like other humans.

From the start, white-skinned people enjoyed their freedom and ability to govern themselves by creating a government that favored the wealthy and perpetrated their ideology.

One of their biggest mistakes the founders made was creating a stratum of government that did not have to adhere to the rules of the land. 

Thus, our flawed judiciary system came with lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. Justices are nearly untouchable regardless of what laws or crimes they rack up. They can lie - see the three Trump justice appointees' confirmation hearings - and no one can do anything about it.

While we're looking at the warts in our democracy it's important to recognize that the president of the United States is above all laws. At least it feels that way right now. POTUS is equal to none (even a former one). And they are above all other Americans.

Our former president has graphically demonstrated that by not being held accountable yet after attempting a coup in 2021 against our republic. Despite six major court cases spanning years involving Trump's crimes, he's still not been indicted for anything.

I'm on a roll now.

This next ruling segment of society, politicians, lead a charmed life. They are seldom held accountable for their crimes (like cuddling up with generous corporations that reward them if they cast the right vote) and lack of conscience. 

I'm thinking of the GOP Freedom Caucus in the House. None of that group of crazies are being held accountable for their part in trying to overthrow our government despite mountains of evidence.

I know it sounds harsh saying there's never been true equality in our society. It doesn't make me hate America, however. I'm just recognizing reality and suggesting the fight for equality will always be waged because human beings are flawed.

In any society the super rich's influence spreads throughout government and the economy. It's just the reality of so-called civilizations. Wealth, power and influence has always been concentrated among the elite.

As it stands, as long as we remain a democracy that continues to seek equality despite the numerous challenges, we will maintain the title of the greatest democracy in the world today. 

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