Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is America Achieving Gun Nirvana?

The typical gun owner in America has long been a white conservative. 

But the times, they are changing.

In recent years, liberals, females and minorities have been purchasing guns in increasing numbers.

The NRA has to be ecstatic about the newly expanding market. Traditionally the gun manufactures had to gin up sales by having their political lackies create fear among people that someone was going to take their guns away.

They still do that, of course, but this new customer demand for guns is a godsend to the industry.

All of which makes me wonder if we are entering an era where happiness, is indeed a warm gun. This new segment of society's interest in owning guns will solidify our world standing as the country where guns are as common as tattoos.

This sudden slide into a gun utopia reflects (among other things) how insecure liberals, women and minorities have become. They feel like they have to stand up to conservatives and MAGA morons who are roaming the country spreading increasing violence.

I wonder... will this national arms race end up bringing Americans together in defense of democracy? Will it end in a standoff?

Or will it end up being the civil war that political pundits have been warning about in the last five years?

America's love affair with guns is in the national DNA. We used them to achieve independence against a monarchy. Many Americans feel owning guns is a guarantee to preserving their freedom.

As it stands, apparently it doesn't matter how many Americans kill other Americans, as long as gun manufactures thrive, and fear remains a sales tool. Welcome to gun nirvana.

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