Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Wanting to Exhale After the First Coup Attempt Failed But Still Facing a Second Assault on America

I want to exhale and know that there won't be another coup attempt by Trump and minions. But's it difficult.

I think millions of Americans are in a trance and unable to deal with this continuing assault against democracy. After being informed for a year of the dangers Trump and his acolytes' pose, people still don't want to think they're real. 

So, they pretend Trump, and his followers aren't busily rigging our electoral system to assure future elections that will favor them. 

Maybe I'm talking about zombies here. The type who stares blankly at events unfolding in front of them and the type who follow orders mindlessly...even if that it means giving up their freedoms in the name of a cult leader who doesn't give a shit about them.

Here we are a year after the insurrection and Trump is still fanning the fires with lies by holding a so-called press conference on the anniversary of the assault on the Capitol.

Meanwhile the Jan. 6 Select Committee will be countering Trump's falsehoods with more evidence of his obstruction of justice and holding a Prayer Vigil for those who died that dark day.

With tensions running high now who's to say what will happen this Jan. 6? Will a former president finally go completely off the deep end and openly declare war on the government?

Sadly, anything is possible during these trying times. 

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