Thursday, October 28, 2021

What Do You Think Happens When You Go To Jail?

Okay. You committed a crime and are in jail awaiting trial. What are your expectations?

-The ability to call someone anytime?

-Access to the internet?

-A big screen TV?

-A beauty rest mattress with controls?

-A privacy screen on the bars?

Wait a minute!

Let's get real. Jails are not hotels. Apparently the insurrectionists in jail that tried to overthrow our electoral system think they should be in private first-class bungalows.

The Capitol riot defendants have been whining about their living conditions since they got tossed into their cells.

Instead of dealing with the jail system the defendants have hired corrupt lawyers to bring every little grievance they have about their living quarters and treatment to a judge.

It seems judges have their limits however.  Petty-ass bullshit complaints are wasting their time. Especially when the court isn't the proper venue to deal with their daily whine sessions.

One judge, Emmitt Sullivan, wasn't having any more of it. "They're running a jail, not a hotel," he said last Wednesday. "Some people want hotel services," the judge concluded. 

Other judges have been noting that they're working with the D.C. jail to improve conditions and address legitimate complaints. In Sullivan's view these claims should be directed toward the jail authorities.

One such case involves a member of the Proud Boys, Christopher Worrell, who is constantly inventing medical needs. All of his claims have been contradicted or unsubstantiated by medical records, or the doctors examining him.

What really disgusts me is the coordinated efforts by Trumplicans in the Senate and the House to paint the rioters as patriots.

That's the equivalent of giving Benedict Arnold a Medal of Honor for his efforts to sell out Washington's army, and kill democracy in it's cradle.

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