Saturday, February 6, 2021

Super Bowl LV Sacrifices: The Gods of Football Demand a Show

We all know what's going to happen tomorrow.

We've seen the show must go on attitude in every holiday last year, regardless of the consequences. Over 450,000 Americans have died from the deadly virus which is still raging throughout the country.

In America the Super Bowl is bigger than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Valentines Day combined. 

It's sure to be another super spreader event.

Despite warnings from health experts to follow COVID guidelines for safety, many Americans would rather gather for social events, and just take a chance no one will get infected.

Holidays may have changed outwardly during the pandemic, but what goes on in our homes and communities is a different story.

The Gods of Football must be appeased. 

The money mongers of football know that fans will be sacrificed.

 It's a price both team owners and ardent fans are willing to take. 

Watching fans of every political persuasion dressed up in team colors is like viewing pigskin acolytes attending quarters while the greedy gods sell memorabilia during breaks in the action.

And the show goes on... the 21st Century version of Football Fans for Life... and Death.

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