Saturday, October 3, 2020

Super Spreader-in-Chief Screwed His Own Campaign

Pandemic Diary

Day 203

Dear Diary,

There's no delicate way to put it... Trump's re-election campaign has been derailed by his own stupidity.

The Trump train ran out of steam when he tested positive for COVID-19 two days ago.

His staff had to cancel his future in-person super spreader rallies in swing states with just 31 days left before the election.

White House officials were seen scrambling around in confusion Friday, as some chose to stay (wearing a mask) and others went home to either quarantine themselves, or to wait until it's safe to go back into the "people's house."

Trump's defiance, dating back to February, against wearing face masks - because they didn't appear to be a "good look" - is a chilling insight into the mind of a malicious narcissist. 

To illustrate how malicious he is we need look no further than what happened Wednesday night when he knew he tested positive for the coronavirus, but still attended an in-door super spreader fundraiser.

To be clear, Hope Hicks, his most trusted aide and White House communications official, may have spread the virus to him because she had tested positive the day before.

The fact is no one really knows, but it has since come out that people present at other Trump events, including the Rose Garden super spreader ceremony introducing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, have had people who tested positive in recent days.

Face masks were nowhere to be seen at any of Trump's events, and there was certainly no attempts at social distancing at them.

Surprisingly, Trump hasn't been on Twitter since the shit storm happened, and his Karma caught up with him. Could be he feels too sick. There's no way of knowing because the White House communication staff is bunkering in and only dribbling out information on his condition.

One common theme is Trump's habit of being his own worst enemy during the campaign. 

His lies, lack of leadership, lack of morality, empathy, civility, humility, and underlying support for far-right extremists and conspiracy groups like QAnon, have destroyed any attempts to achieve the necessary credibility with most Americans to re-elect him.

Trump the showman is pulling down the curtains on his own reality show.

Quote for the Day: "The ego is the false self - born out of fear and defensiveness." -John O'Donohue

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