Friday, October 2, 2020

Trump's Army: Who are these People Ready To Defy Democracy?


Pandemic Diary

Day 202

Dear Diary,

One of the things that came out of the last presidential debate was that Trump is openly counting on white supremacists and militias to vote for him.

His pathetic attempts to clean up his coded comment to the Proud Boys (an extremist right-wing hate group) "Stand down. Stand by" was a chilling call to arms.

Unsurprisingly, the leader of the Proud Boys is also the head of a Pro-Trump grassroot organization to re-elect him.

Republicans and Democrats have roundly criticized Trump's inability to say anything negative about the violent fringe groups that are on the FBI's list of domestic terrorists.

FBI Director Wray recently testified under oath to Congress that white supremacists are the biggest domestic threat in the country today.

Unfortunately, the public has been getting a crash course on extremist groups with names like The Proud Boys; Patriots Front; Bugaloo Bois; QAnon; and Oath Keepers. 

It's fair to say that these groups, especially the Proud Boys, after Trump's coded message to them, all believe he supports them, and that they're willing to fight for him on the streets of America.

These groups all have one thing in common: they hate anyone that doesn't look like, and act like them. Another common theme is racism. 

The most dangerous of all the right wing groups are the militias. Every state has militia's dedicated to bringing down the current government and establishing their own racist rule. 

Because these paramilitary groups support chaos and anarchy, Trump's encouragement to riot if he loses the election is the signal they've all been waiting for.

Finally, who are these people that are so ready to destroy democracy and everything our Constitution stands for? A common denominator among militias is fear.

Fear that someone will come to take their guns away. Fear that people of other races are out to take over THEIR country. Fear that liberals will force them to stop marginalizing the LBGT community. Fear motivates their every decision.

As all Americans know by now, Trump has always, and will continue, to motivate people by the use of fear. He has that in common with authoritarian leaders worldwide.

Quote for the Day: "Fear cuts deeper than swords." -George R.R. Martin

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