Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 71: Hemp for Victory? CBDs Take on the Coronavirus

Dear Diary,

All I can think about today is a recent study that shows strains of cannabis could help prevent or even treat coronavirus infections.
Hemp for Victory
Some plucky Canadian researchers from the University of Lethbridge  conducted a study in April that showed at least 13 cannabis plants that were high in CBDs (short for cannabidiol) appeared to affect the ACE2 pathways the virus uses to access the body.

In other words, CBDs can take on the coronavirus and keep it from harshing our highs.

The results, printed in an online journal Preprints, indicated hemp extracts high in CBD may help block proteins that provide a "gateway" for COVID-19 to enter host cells.

I'm a long-time marijuana user, supporter, and activist, since I smoked my first joint in high school. It's so good watching my favorite plant go mainstream, both for pleasure and for treating health (physical and mental) ailments.

You can take CBDs for chronic pain, or a strain high in THC, as a mood elevator. Now (if the study proves out) there's another way to combat COVID-19; as a preventive and to help fight depression from being forced to stay-at-home for months.

Both reasons for using cannabis are reflected in the abnormally high retail sales during the pandemic nationwide since February, for both CBD products (oils, tinctures, etc.), and dank strains of THC-laced cannabis flower.

One last fun fact about hemp. American farmers grew weed during WWII and it was used for making rope for the Navy. There was even a cool film made called Hemp for Victory

It looks like cannabis is here again, during another of America's greatest challenges.

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon

**Oregon got 23 more confirmed cases (3,900 total thus far) of the novel Coronavirus, and no new deaths were reported.

**Some retailers are reporting good news. Bike sales have gone through the roof in the last two months. That's no surprise. Bike sales have gone up across the globe according to a Reuters article. 

**Still thinking 
about our Memorial Day Bar-B-Que. 

It was certainly a day to remember in these crazy times. 

We were all doing a lot of catching up, despite the fact it had only been a few months (longer for some).

You can't compare live human contact with skyping, texting, or a phone call. They all pale when it comes to really communicating in person.

Quote for the day; "America's health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention." - Tom Harkin

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