Monday, March 9, 2020

Reality Check: Officials Declare a PANDEMIC. Now What?

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There's no vaccine for it.

There's hardly any testing being done because the CDC hasn't been able to generate the needing supplies and facilities to deal with it.

The Trump administration is in denial of it.

U.S. Officials have declared the coronavirus a pandemic.

The stock market is plunging.

One thing we know for sure; the Trump/Pence administration was, and is, painfully unprepared to effectively deal with the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

The chasm between the White House and health experts has been demoralizing. People are confused about how to protect themselves, and others. Fear is feeding upon the weak response by so-called top officials (all Trump loyalists).

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My advise is to only listen to the officials.

With the massive work that lies ahead in fighting the coronavirus in the USA you'd think Trump would, at least, stop attacking health officials for telling the truth.

Instead, the Trump team sees a chance to achieve long-sought goals.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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