Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Super Tuesday: It's Do, or Die for Bernie...and the Country

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Don't be surprised if this time next week - in another Super Tuesday - the results turn out to be anti-climatic.

If Bernie doesn't take Michigan today it will be over for his campaign, especially with projected wins in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Mississippi for Biden.

The good news is the party is rallying around Joe (because they believe he'll beat Trump in November) as he gets more important endorsements daily.

The one mission that all Democrats agree on in this election cycle is driving Trump out of the West Wing is the top priority.

There's always going to be grumbling. Especially if Bernie loses in the primaries. The far left of the party was hoping for a revolution, but that's looking less likely daily. As for the so-called Bernie Bros. they can be counted on to act like children.

I like Bernie. He's honest and consistent in his political views, including health care for all. But, I see his candidacy hurting the down ballot in a year the Democrats need to take back the Senate.

I'm confident Joe is going to continue to appeal to all segments of our society, especially African-Americans who universally hate Trump.

Biden may not turn out to be a great president, but the contrast between his class, knowledge, compassion for the little guy, and honesty will stand in stark contrast to Trump.

America is sick of Trump. Add his mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic (at every stage of the way) and he's not going to get good ratings from most Americans in November.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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