Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Trump's Nightmares: Joe Biden and a Faltering Economy Are Becoming Real

Good Day World!

Trump has been afraid of Joe Biden for over a year.

He even got impeached trying to dig up dirt on Biden and his son Hunter.

After yesterdays Super Tuesday II win for Biden, it looks like Trump's nightmare is coming true... he's going to have to face Joe in November.

It doesn't stop there.

Trump's other cause of sleepless nights is the economy. With the coronavirus sweeping the nation and the stock market tumbling and signs of a recession looming starkly, Trump's stuff of nightmares has entered his reality TV world.

Personal fear has entered Trump's alternate universe. It's no longer just about rallying racists by using their fears of others. No. This new fear is personal.

While the CDC and other health officials are trying to alert Americans to the dangers of the coronavirus, Trump is downplaying them daily.

After the World Health Organization announced there's a pandemic, Trump's health team under Pence, burrowed their heads into the ground, cancelling a press conference.

The response to all of this... the senate is going on a weeklong recess

Trump claims he doesn't need much sleep, which if true, is really going to be tested with his new daymares
This is one crisis he's not going to be able to spin... though he's still trying.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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