Saturday, February 1, 2020

Shameless Senators Block Witnesses Insuring a Sham Trial

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They all jumped off the cliff with Trump yesterday, as the shameless senators in the senate blocked all attempts to have a fair trial.

No witnesses. No new evidence. No chance Trump will be convicted. Trump's Dweeb Team didn't need to do anything but hold an in-house rally for their master.

There's a breech in our Constitution that will now allow presidents to assume total power. No checks. No limits. No justice. Just a partisan takeover protecting the most corrupt president in our history.

GOP senators took a gamble that a strong economy will overcome the wrath that is sure to follow this sham trial. 

The stage is set.

Next Wednesday the baked in verdict of acquittal will happen. and Trump will waddle around crowing about his complete exoneration. He will be truly unleashed after the loss of any accountability.

The balance of power our founders built into the Constitution to stop a rogue president will collapse next week when the senate votes.

The elections this November will be under attack from foreign powers... and Trump. Who knows what countries he will bribe to smear his political opponents to get re-elected?

All guard rails against our sociopathic president will be history next Wednesday. 

America's last hope to retain our democracy will come at the polls in November. 

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