Thursday, January 30, 2020

Impeachment Q & A Turns Into Theatre of the Absurd When Dershowitz Testifies

The Dershowitz Doctrine Shocks Legal World

                                       Good Day World!

Trump wanted a theatrical performance in the senate, and one of his staunch supporters provided it yesterday.

Alan Dershowitz, part of Trump's Dweeb team, provided the drama during the first day of Questions and Answers.

Dershowitz trotted out the implausible theory that a president can manipulate a foreign government to aid his reelection...
and it's not an impeachable offense!

I can just imagine the reaction among constitutional professors and experts nationwide when they heard about the Dershowitz Doctrine.

For the record, Dershowitz did a complete turnaround on his own position 20 years ago when he testified in another impeachment trial that a president could be impeached for abuse of power.  

That flip flop of philosophy also involved a fantastical theory that his change of heart came as he studied the issue for two decades and concluded every other legal expert was wrong... because they disagree with his theory!

Oh, yes! That's cra cra shit. Viewers were treated to Dershowitz's bulging eyes as he put emphasize on his lies. Rudy Guiliani was probably envious of his performance.

The senate's staid image suffered through several acts of Dershowitz's clowning around with reality and facts. The defender of O.J. Simpson was looking around for a tight leather glove to put on Trump.

It was embarrassing to anyone who was trying to be respectful of the proceedings. The Republicans willing went along with the charade, desperate to have an excuse - any excuse - to not call witnesses and prolong the trial.

Trump's GOP minions want him to be able to do a victory dance in time for The Super Bowl and his State of the Union Address, because that more important that protecting our republic from a dictator! 

Having no shame, I fully expert Dershowitz to continue his buffoonery on day two of his performance in the Theatre of the Absurd for Trump's personal entertainment.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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