Tuesday, January 28, 2020

GOP Senators Suddenly Faced With Reality After Bolton Bombshell

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The Senate's majority leader, and chief hypocrite, Mitch McConnell, hates surprises. 

He's use to being totally in control of events around him.

So when word got out Monday morning that a copy of John Bolton's new book has been in Trump's hands since Dec. 30th, and was being reviewed by the NSA, Mitch pitched a bitch. Why didn't someone tell him?

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Apparently Trump and some tight allies didn't let Mitch in on the secret because they knew a Bolton testimony would be devastating. They counted on suppressing witnesses and ending the trial before Bolton's bomb dropped.

Meanwhile Mitch had gone around boasting he was working "hand-in-hand" on the senate impeachment trial with Trump and his lawyers.

How embarrassing. Trump played Mitch like everyone else around him. However, Mitch being a canny old bastard, will go into damage control quickly. 

The central defense of Trump went up in smoke when Bolton confirmed Trump's desire to withhold aide until Ukraine's president opened up an investigation into his political rival Joe Biden and his son.

I suspect Mitch will have a response to the turn of events today after meeting with his nervous caucus.

Realistically, despite this new damning first-hand account, the odds of convicting Trump are still long, even if more evidence continues to drip in. 

Pressure on GOP senators running for re-election will increase with every new revelation.

The result of this trial will reverberate in the polls in November... if Trump gets acquitted.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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