Monday, January 27, 2020

Trump Defense Team Takes Floor on Day Two Under Fire From Bolton Bombshell

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Bolton Bombshell
Do you remember seeing 3-D movies in a theatre when you were a kid? They were usually passed out for free when you paid for your ticket.

At certain moments the audience was cued to put on their 3-D goggles to watch the movie suddenly pop off the screen. Monster movies were the best for shock value.

Since those early days of using a filter (of sorts) for dramatic effect, the experience has been greatly enhanced.

Take politics for example.

In the age of fake news and alternate universes, real time events are being filtered in real time for consumption of a select audience.

For example, Fox News viewers don't have to put on a special pair of glasses to get their news through a false filter that confirms their beliefs.

Trump's impeachment trial in the senate is being played out in the real world, but his supporters aren't seeing all the evidence being presented because they're watching Fox News.

During most of the trial thus far you can turn to major news stations across the country and follow it as it unfolds in it's entirety.


Fox News saves it's viewers from those boring facts and offers up entertaining dog-and-pony shows instead, featuring political hacks performing in real time.

Trump's Dweeb Team will perform again today, but no one knows for how long. Their first day of defending his highness lasted about two hours. Probably the limit of focus for busy extremists always searching for another conspiracy.

By the way, each side gets 24 hours to put on their case over three days. The Democrats used 23 of those hours, and Trump's Dweeb team only used two on their first day. 

The Dweeb team get three days to state their case. Today is day two. It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say after the Bolton bomb dropped yesterday!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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