Wednesday, January 8, 2020

War and Impeachment: Trump-Caused Chaos Coming to a Climax Somewhere Near You

Good Day World!

I never watched so-called reality shows on TV.  

People doing idiotic things and infusing drama into every episode was never my cup of tea. 

That's why I resent being caught up in Trump's reality show presidency.

The first three years have been nothing but chaos caused by Trump's corruption. It been like living through the sack of Rome. The barbarians, aka Trumplicans, follow Trump's efforts to destroy a civilization - a great democracy - blindly.

In his fourth year, Trump has shed all pretenses of propriety in a power grab to be our first dictator. Despite being impeached by Congress he's defiantly tying up the courts.

Trump's latest show of power, not even consulting the Gang of Eight  to get authorization for the assassination of the top Iranian general, may drag America into another unwanted war!

As a combat Vietnam veteran, I join my other veteran brothers and sisters who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, in solidarity AGAINST WAR. Now, and forever.

Cadet Bonespurs says he's ready for war. I'm not. The American public is not.

Click here to Say NO to WAR with Iran.

What's unfolding before a stunned American nation is absolute chaos. Suddenly Americans at home and abroad, are on a war footing.

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Congresses impeachment of Trump will just be a footnote because a rigged senate under Moscow Mitch, is preparing a quick sham trial without witnesses and transcripts.

If Moscow Mitch is allowed to stop the truth from coming out, Americans will face the biggest threat yet... a totally unhinged Trump doing a victory dance on the Constitution and our freedoms (at least until November).

I admit, this is what I feared would happen if Trump got elected. Seeing us on the brink of war because of a lying sociopath is a waking nightmare.

The foundations of our democracy are crumbling under the corruption that continues to this very day. Like it, or not, we're all players in Trump's reality games.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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