Sunday, January 5, 2020

About the Church of Trump and the Latter Day Nazis

Good Day World!

The Sermon on Capitol Hill, delivered by Trump and his cult-worshipping religious acolytes, is always the same; 

"God sent Trump to save America to take away women's rights to their bodies by banning abortion in the land."

In return, white Evangelicals and mega churches (think the Church of Prosperity and other fringe domination's) are willing to overlook EVERYTHING else Trump does no matter how abhorrent it may be.

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Trump is a quasi-religious superstar who can grab pussies with impunity while his flock looks on adoringly. His lies fall upon the faithful like a steady rain in a thunderstorm, but they don't bother with umbrellas.

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This loose coalition of religious hypocrites are offshoots of the Church of Trump and the Latter Day Nazis. White Supremacists and the wealthy are welcome.

It was the latter day Nazi's, along with the white Evangelicals who helped get Trump elevated to the presidency Supreme Leadership.

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That anyone would think that Trump was some kind of messenger from God, shows how far America has gotten away from the traditional religions of the world.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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