Monday, January 6, 2020

No Trump - The World is Not Safer After Making an Iranian General a Martyr

Good Day World!

Trump was looking forward to bringing in the New Year with a bang, as his guests and cronies at Mar-A-Lago discovered on New Year's Eve.

He waddled around the resort hinting that he had a big surprise in store for Iran, titillating listeners with hints of something so "yuge" it would be earth-shaking.

Two days before Trump ordered the assassination of Iran's top general, he and Lindsey Graham scooted about on a golf cart talking about his impending action.

There was no attempt to get authorization from Congress because Trump doesn't trust the lawmakers there, and they may have tried to talk him out of the rash move.

As for advisers, he no longer has any with a modicum of guts. The drooling minions he's appointed throughout government live to carry his foul water.

Proving he's a world class con man and liar, Trump announced the world was a safer place after killing Gen. Quassim Suleimani with a drone. His puppet Pompeo echoed the lie.

But evidence that claim was bullshit appeared within hours and days:

**Iran ended it's Nuclear Limits agreement and announced it was time to go full-speed ahead for nuke development.

**Iraqi parliament tells 5000 American troops to leave the country because it's no longer safe for them.

**Iran declares all US military bases and personnel are #1 targets for revenge.

**US Homeland Security warns Americans to be on the alert for Iranian retaliation.

**Iranians are united now in their thirst for revenge, and are no longer complaining about living conditions.

**Americans were told to the leave the Middle East immediately for their personal safety.

**All efforts to battle ISIS have stopped, as the coalition fell apart.

**The chances of a new war in the Middle East have spiked as Trump warns of attacking Iranian cultural landmarks (an international war crime) and numerous other locations (52 to be exact).

**America's allies feel they were screwed because they weren't notified of the impending attack, and it destroyed their final efforts to hold Iran to some kind of nuke agreement.

As I write this post it's safe to say more ramifications from Trump's idiotic move are happening. 

There was a reason Israel didn't take Suleimani out; their Mossad could have killed him anytime, but decided the backlash wouldn't be worth it. Our last two presidents came to the same conclusion.

Trump's attempt to divert news away from his impeachment trial in the Senate, and to possibly help get him re-elected, is already backfiring.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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