Tuesday, January 7, 2020

John Bolton: The Republican Who Trumped Trump?

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Yesterday former secretary of state John Bolton dropped a bombshell.

He announced, via twitter, that he would obey a subpoena if the Senate sends him one in the upcoming trial to decide whether to acquit, or convict Trump.

Why now?

Speculation is rampant on Capitol Hill. Here are 7 conversations being bantered about by pundits regarding the timing of Bolton's surprise announcement:

1. Bolton is getting his revenge for being fired last September and wanted to start the New Year off with a bang.

2. Because of the recent Kupperman court ruling, Bolton now feels it's safe to testify.

3. Bolton is upset with Trump's decision to take out Iranian general because of the ramifications - uniting Iran in a time where the country was experiencing internal dissent over sanctions.

4. Just the opposite - Bolton is happy with Trump for striking Iran so hard and is going to reward him by downplaying the Zelensky extortion scheme.

5. Bolton is drumming up interest in his upcoming book

6. Bolton plans on having it both ways - appear like he's cooperating although he knows he'll never be forced to deliver AND he can save the real juicy information for his book.

7. It's a slimy self-serving calculation; Bolton knows McConnell doesn't want any witnesses (especially him). 

What are the ramifications of Bolton's Announcement?

The first thing that comes to mind is the pressure it puts on Mitch McConnell to call witnesses. Something he doesn't want to happen because more truth will come out about Trump's blatant abuse of power.

Bolton appearing before the court gives the Democrats a first-hand witness to what Trump was doing with the Ukraine. It would also destroy the Republicans argument of no first-hand accounts of quid pro quo.

An interesting aside to this story was Bolton actually contacted McConnell BEFORE making his big announcement... and he didn't contact the White House.

Expect to hear more about this new development in the days and weeks ahead.

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