Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is Extortion of a Foreign Country for Personal Gain Enough to Impeach a President?

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On the eve of an historical moment in American history, we stand divided on a very basic issue; is extortion by a president of the United States involving a foreign government for personal gain an impeachable offensive?

After weeks of constantly shifting pathetic defenses that went nowhere, the only argument the GOP has left is to embrace what Trump did.

Faced with facts tomorrow when the public impeachment phase begins, the only recourse people like Lindsey Graham has left is to claim Trump and company were too inept to carry out a conspiracy, or what he did wasn't enough to be impeached.

What will Americans think, however, after watching days of live testimony on their TVs? 

Will the facts that unfold before them be enough to overcome partisan leanings in favor of protecting democracy from Trump's corrupt regime?

In this new age where truth is often buried under a desert of partisan lies, it's difficult to believe anything. 

Trump has succeeded in transforming reality into an alternate reality where he wants people to ignore facts and truth in favor of whatever he says.

Trump claims to be the Chosen One. The fact is, he wasn't chosen to be president by a majority of Americans. Russia chose him.

How powerful is truth and our Constitution? We'll find out in the weeks ahead as America watches Impeach TV.

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