Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Next Phase in Defending Trump: Look for Scrapegoats

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Trump has been slow to comprehend that the House impeachment hearings are a direct threat to his presidency.

He's told reporters that he looks forward to the process because it's going to help get him re-elected. He may believe that, but I don't see the majority of Americans agreeing with him.

The desire to impeach Trump's orange ass is growing every day. Polls show the majority of Americans have had enough of the chaos he's created during the last three years.

Last week was full of damning testimonies outlining his corruption. They also triggered something in Trump's reptile brain: he's in trouble despite all of the stonewalling efforts by him, and his minions!

Time for phase two of Trump obstruction efforts

Slap the blame on other people in his government, including his own cronies, if he thinks it'll help him. He's already made comments about Pence making a call too, hinting there may be something sinister about his talk with Ukraine's president.

Trump's acting chief-of-staff Mulvaney is in the dog house with Trump right now for confirming to reporters there was a quid pro quo in Trump's dealing with the Ukraine.

Mulvaney, one of the group of supportive Trumpies mentioned in the Ukraine scandal is still expendable if Trump thinks it'll help his case.

I mentioned Pence earlier. But other Trump cronies that could be thrown under the bus are also fair game, like William Barr, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo, and Stephen Mnuchin.

Trump's first phase in his defense - deny all facts - hasn't played so well with the public and his own party. This second phase will be a new page in trying to muddy the proceedings.

I suspect there will eventually be a third phase in Trump's defense of himself... admit complicity, but claim it doesn't raise to the level of impeachment. I can see GOP senators seizing on that defense when all else fails.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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