Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How Politics and Trump Are Stealing the Holidays!

Good Day World!

Good grief! Charlie Brown!

What happened to Thanksgiving this year?

Instead of a time of family traditions and gathering to give thanks for various things in our lives, Americans are too angry to even be civil to one another in this era of Trump.

The division between family members who support Trump and those that hate him is a raw reminder of where we're at in this country.

Quick example: It's been a public tradition since Harry Truman made it a ritual in 1947, to pardon a turkey. It's always been a lighthearted event without political overtones.

Trump warped that tradition yesterday when he went off script and mocked Democrat Adam Schiff who is leading the impeachment inquiry against him.

Trump put everyone on notice as he pulled polarizing politics into the ceremony meant to provide holiday cheer, that there were going to be more political rants in the days and weeks ahead during the holiday season.

To emphasize that, he waddled off to a campaign rally in Florida, his newly adopted lair, claiming New York was mean to him. 

Don't be surprised if impeachment is all he babbles about while attending holiday events, between now, and Christmas.

The rest of the story on the turkey tradition...

It goes back before Truman took it public. Abraham Lincoln's son Tad was said to be so close to a turkey destined to be Christmas dinner that the president took pity on it and spared the turkey from suffering it's culinary fate by giving it a reprieve.

I hope Trump and politics don't ruin your holiday season - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

America: It's a MAD World After All

Good Day World!

Growing up in the 50's and 60s, I was a devoted fan of MAD magazine.

There was one cartoon strip in particular I enjoyed; Spy vs Spy.

The strip was about two bumbling spies always trying to inflict injury upon each other in a constant war. That sounds an awful lot like the Democrats and the Republicans in our polarized world today.

When I look at what's happening in Washington DC the last three years with Trumps assault on truth and the Constitution, my conclusion is it's indeed a MAD world in the Age of Trump.

Republican lawmakers have entered Trump's alternate universe where truth withers on the alt-right vine that has engulfed our government.

After the public impeachment hearings in the last two weeks the Republicans are still in lock-step with Trump's conspiracy theories even though they've been proven to be false.

In our new reality the Ukraine attacked us in 2016, and Putin is our friend.

In this new MAD universe nothing is at it seems. Trump tells us not to believe what our eyes see and our ears hear, unless he's sanctioned it.

It's the reason I know we're living in a crazy world of contradictions where the Blue team and the Red team are locked in an eternal war of ideology and cult-think.

Chaos is the game and our Republic is fighting for everything our founders believed to be true.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, November 25, 2019

The Winter of America's Discontent: Is Truth More Important Than Political Considerations?

"We can shoot rockets into space but we can't cure anger or discontent." 
-John Steinbeck

                                          Good Day World!

You, and I, and the rest of the American public, are faced with an historical decision.

Should Trump be impeached, and booted out of office?

If a person is basing their decision on factual evidence over conspiracy theories, it's apparent Trump bribed a foreign government to get dirt on his 2020 political foe, Joe Biden.


it looks like at least one-third of the country is perfectly fine with Trump's breeches of the Constitution and the truth, if you accept what the polls are saying. 

What's especially dangerous is the GOP's reluctance to put politics aside and keep their oath of office promising to protect our laws.

Indeed, the Republicans in the House were attacking the proceedings and not the evidence put forth during the inquiry phase.

Worse yet, it's been revealed that ranking GOP member of the Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, was in on the conspiracy to claim the Ukraine intervened with the 2016 election and the search for dirt on Biden and son.

Nunes met with ousted corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor, Victor Shokin in December of 2018. Although he's tried to deny it, travel logs show Nunes (and three other government officials) in Europe at the time of the contested meeting. 

It's also on the books that about $30,000 of taxpayer money was spent on that little rendezvous. 

Were House GOP members aware of this meeting? If they were, then there was a Congressional conspiracy of silence because they should have insisted Nunes recuse himself from the panel. 

If they weren't aware of this meeting, then that should be enough for them to think twice about backing Trump's lies.

Everyone on the committee was warned by our intelligence agencies that Russia's plot of spreading disinformation included blaming the Ukraine for hiding a mythical server that could exonerate Trump.

Knowing this, House Republicans then proceeded to ignore the advise, choosing instead to go down the rabbit hole with Trump throughout the public hearing phase.

What really troubles me is we're at a turning point in our great Republic. If we don't check Trump's campaign to seize complete power (and destroy our checks and balances) in America, we're going to be looking at a series of dictators in the foreseeable future.  

I've heard there are a lot of undecided voters right now who are watching the Impeachment drama with varying degrees of interest - from almost none, to following every twist and turn of the inquiry.

Sadly, at this point in time, we're watching to see if democracy has a chance against corrupt politics in the 21st century.

As winter's freezing cloak engulfs the country, Americans are huddling in separate political camps hoping for a resolution to the chaos swirling around them.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Russia Keeps on Winning: How a Conspiracy Theory Rocked our Republic

Good Day World!

As history will show someday, Trump was a puppet of Putin.

It still has not been established exactly when Trump and Putin began working together, but the evidence gathered thus far points to the 2016 election.

Was Trump compromised by the ex-KGB chief and forced to cooperate with Putin's demands? Or, did their relationship begin when Trump was trying to build a hotel in Moscow? It could have been a combination of both.

From the day Trump got the Republican election platform to change their stance on the Crimea invasion, until the present, he's been a loyal ally of America's biggest enemy.

The damage Trump has done to all of our intelligence agencies, our standing in the world community, and the polarization of American politics has been extensive.

If it weren't for a whistleblower, no one would have known that Trump was bribing the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden.

The day after Trump and his minions stifled the Mueller report's findings and he declared he was exonerated from "the witch hunt," Trump went after his main opponent in the 2020 election.

A new conspiracy was born. This time, at the direction of Putin, a false narrative was advanced declaring the Ukraine really interfered with the 2016 election...not Russia. 

During the public hearing phase of the Impeachment inquiry a lot of damning facts were revealed by credible (and high ranking) career diplomats and foreign office employees.

Despite all of the GOP House members best efforts, they could not successfully challenge any of the facts and evidence presented.

During the hearings, I wonder how many GOP members knew of Devin Nune's relationship with Rudy Giuliani and their efforts to dredge up dirt on Biden, and his son?

The implications of him meeting with Trump's personal lawyer in Venice in 2018, are very troubling. How far does this conspiracy in Congress go to help Trump win the 2020 election? 

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As our Republic faces the greatest challenge to preserving the Constitution in American history, all of us have a decision to make...

Do we want corruption as our new normal? 

Can we step out of our ideological bubbles long enough to protect our democracy?


Are we going to go along with destroying the balance of power in our government, and live with a dictator from here on out?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Pause in the Pursuit of Justice: Lawmakers Go Home and Face Constituents

Good Day World!

After two weeks of intense impeachment testimonies from a dozen individuals, we're getting a pause as lawmakers go home and start testing the waters with their constituents.

I wonder how many of those lawmakers will hold town halls to gauge people's response to the ongoing impeachment inquiry? I would think most would want to. But that's not necessarily what will happen.

Republicans in particular may not want to hear what ALL of their constituents have to say. Most have tied their political futures to following Trump like sheep.

GOP senators have already made up their minds to back Trump when the articles of impeachment are handed over to the senate, shattering any pretense about what kind of "jurors" they're going to be during the senate investigation.

There's little chance of justice prevailing when a trial already has a predetermined verdict with the majority of so-called jurors. 

The exception to this scenario is if a surprise witness - think John Bolton - testifies that there was a conspiracy going on, rocking their world!

Yesterday, when Bolton's government-tied twitter account was released from the hold the White House had slapped on it, he announced, "That everyone should stay tuned for some kind of back story (regarding Ukraine scandal)."

Needless to say, that's the kind of bombshell that's going to move the polls for Democrats, if Bolton testifies there was a conspiracy going on.

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Moving on, those Republicans who have hitched their future with Trump's, have more to worry about than just protecting him during the predetermined senate phase of impeachment.

Related: Giuliani Associate Willing to Tell Congress Nunes Met with Ex-Ukrainian Official To Get Dirt on Biden 

Court cases filed against Trump in the last few years are moving to completion with decisions coming this month, and in the next two months. 

For example, yesterday the Supreme Court heard Trump's lawyers fight against releasing his records from his accounting firm Mazars USA. The justices agreed with the House to fast track their decision, and it may be released as soon as Monday.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're going to side with the House. Trump's defense lawyers have been using bullshit to shield him and were called out by the judge twice for making "ridiculous claims."

Then there's three emolument cases pending against Trump that could come up before the year ends. There's two other cases seeking Trump's personal tax returns. Both are expected to be decided soon.

Trump has to testify in a sexual assault case on January 31st, 2020, because his lawyers lost all of their appeals. I could go on about more than a dozen other cases against Trump, but I think my message is clear here...

Even if Trump isn't kicked out of the White House by the spineless Senate, his worries (and his enablers) are far from over.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, November 22, 2019

Next-New Phase for Impeachment Inquiry: All Roads Lead to Putin and Rudy Giuliana

                                       Good Day World!

We now know Putin achieved his goal to divide Americans and to weaken our standings in the world community. 

GOP Republicans have confirmed it by denying reality and pushing a conspiracy theory cooked up by Putin. 

For those who saw the public hearings in the last two weeks it's apparent that protecting Trump is more important to the Republicans on the committee, than getting to the truth behind what Trump did... he wanted dirt on Biden his main political opponent.

It was sad watching our House divided. 

Somewhere in Russia, Putin was watching the proceedings with delight. What he started in the 2016 election has been a success beyond even his ambitious dreams.

After the 12 testimonies were given it was established Rudy Giuliana was the point man for Trump's secret parallel foreign policy.

The next phase in the impeachment inquiry is coming after the House Intelligence committee, along with two other panels, are writing a report detailing their findings.

Their report will then become the basis for articles of impeachment that the Judiciary committee will consider.

They'll debate the size and scope of the articles, which are likely to focus on abuse of power, obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress and bribery.

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Final Impeachment Hearing Today? Don the Con is Cornered

Good Day World!

There's a wall going up right now, but not the one Trump promised to his base.

With Ambassador Sondland's damning testimony yesterday about Trump's quid pro quo scheme, a wall of facts is cornering Don the Con.

Like his longtime Mafia friends, Trump had many ways to communicate his demands without directly saying them. Anyone who has ever seen The Godfather knows what I'm talking about.

When Trump told the newly elected president of the Ukraine (during a phone call) "I need a favor" there was no mistaking the meaning behind his request.

He flat out asked Zelensky (the new president) to investigate Joe and his son Hunter Biden, and to look into a conspiracy theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, and not Russia.

It was confirmed during the hearing that Rudy Giuliani was Trump's consigliere at the State Department and everyone deferred to him. 

Apparently Trump counted on terrorizing federal officials and telling them not to cooperate with subpoenas served by Congress. He miscalculated, and there's been a parade of witnesses incriminating him and his cronies in the scheme since last week.

I'm not sure how we got back to using the Latin word for bribery - quid pro quo - but that's what Sondland testified was happening.

Today will probably be the last day of public hearings.  

Semantics are silly game to play during an impeachment, but politicians like to anyway. Like the public really cares. Bribery, is bribery.

The only thing most Americans want to know is the truth. 

No matter how it's dressed up, the truth comes from a series of facts... not fictional narratives. The fact is, Trump committed a high crime... bribery.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Another Impeachment Day:A Star is Born!

Good Day World!
On impeach TV today... a star could be born!
Breaking News: Witness Implicates  Trump
He doesn't look like your normal male celebrity - think Tom Selleck or Tom Cruise - but Gordon Sondland could steal the day today as he's at the center of the whole Ukraine scandal.

Sondland, a political appointee who donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration, was part of Trump's shadow foreign policy campaign designed to dig up dirt on his 2020 political opponent Joe Biden.

A witness testified that Sondland spoke with Trump frequently and in one conversation assured Trump, "That he (President Zelensky) loves your ass" and "will go along with the request to go public about an investigation into Biden."

Sondland's appearance today represents a laser focus on bribery. 

A word Republicans have been doing somersaults around in order to muddy up the central charge in the impeachment hearing.

The reason Sondland is the star today is because what he represents, and what he knows. He knows the linkage between Trump and his demands for the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.

He's a political appointee that was representing Trump's personal interest... and he's the first to openly expose Trump's true intentions by sharing his conversation with him with others.

Any pretense about Trump caring about corruption in the Ukraine before his own personal feelings, has been peeled away by Sondland's confession going into today's testimony.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Quick Quiz: Are You Following the Impeachment Hearings?

Good Day World!

How important are the impeachment hearings to you? Have you been following them? Or, are you ignoring them?

Here's some questions if you have been following the whole Ukraine Scandal unfolding before Congress, and the American public: (Note that some questions have two answers)

1) Do Republicans "have a right" to expose the whistleblower?

a) Yes, the president deserves to know his accuser in order to defend himself
b) No. Whistleblower's are protecting from being exposed by Congress, and the Constitution. The law protecting whistleblowers was strengthened when the GOP was last in the majority of the House.
c) May be bogus, but no need to worry about it. 

2) Who Is Maria Yovanovitch?

a) Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
b) "That Woman" who is bad news 
c) One of Trump's former girlfriends

3) Who is Jim Jordan?
a) A former assistant wrestling coach who ignored students being molested by the head coach at OSU
b) A Representative for Ohio, in the House
c) Trump's Number One "Butt Boy" in Congress

4) Who is Jennifer Williams?
a) One of 10 women filing a sexually assault against Trump in civil courts
b) Trump's hairstylist
c) An aide to Vice President Mike Pence

5) Who are The Three Amigos?
a) Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short
b) Rick Perry, Gordon Sondlund, and Kurt Volker
c) Hispanic cousins of the Three Stooges

6) Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?
a) A comedian
b) President of the Ukraine
c) A corrupt Moscow puppet

7) Who is Tim Morrison?
a) A national security council aide
b) Singer Jim Morrison's younger brother
c) A "Never Trumper"

I hope you have as much fun taking this quiz as I had writing it.

Dump Trump in 2020!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, November 18, 2019

Where Has "The Base" Gone? Trump Rallies Not Helping GOP Candidates

                                          Good Day World!

At one time, not so long ago, Trump rallies were seen as the best way to motivate his base to vote for him. or one of his cronies.

If that was true once, it's no longer the case now.

In the last month Trump has thrown his considerable bulk around trying to save GOP governors. The most recent example of Trump's waning influence took place in Louisiana when Trump extorted his minions at a rally to vote for Eddie Rispone for Governor.

He told his eager followers that Democrats were all "crazy...crazy." Then in a moment of rare truth he begged them, " you gotta give me a big win, please. Ok?Ok?!"

Despite Pence calling Conservative talk-in shows all around the Bayou State, and Trump's recorded robocalls in addition to money from the RNC, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards kept his office in the deep red state.

This political defeat was a referendum of Trump's pulling power. He may have a raucous following at rallies, but either they're not turning out at the polls, or their numbers are dwindling.

A week before his defeat in Louisiana, an incumbent Republican governor, Matt Bevins, lost to a Democratic challenger.

On election eve Trump who carried the state of Kentucky by 30 points in 2016, held a rally of support for Bevins. 

Just like he later claimed in Louisiana, "Democrats are all insane!" He want on to rant, "They want to indoctrinate your children - you know this. Destroy anyone who holds traditional American values." 

Amid the cheers he grew serious. "Listen it sends a really bad message if Bevins doesn't win. You can't let that happen to me," he pleaded.

In last year's midterms elections there was a "Blue wave" that overtook Trump's best efforts to slow it down. What does this all mean?

Trump has never been popular. He lost the popular vote. If it wasn't for Russian interference and the dirty tricks Trump's supporters used, he would have been just another footnote in history.

Every poll shows Trump "under water" when it come to national approval ratings. It's obvious Trump's corruption is finally catching up to him. It's also obvious he's going to be impeached.

Whether he's kicked out of office on his fat lying ass, or if he runs for re-election in 2020, Trump is going to be carrying more baggage than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

When Trump finally got rid of all the adults in his cabinet and administration, he sealed his own political fate. His unrestrained tweet tantrums have become articles of impeachment.

His GOP supporters in the House and the Senate are finding it harder to defend his infantile and vicious language. Sixteen House Republicans are retiring after an exodus of over 30 members during the midterms.

There's 19 GOP senators who hope to be re-elected in 2020. They're going to have to listen closely to their constituents who are increasing becoming disgusted with Trump. 

The fact that Trump is showing more vulnerability daily isn't exactly encouraging for GOP lawmakers. If he can't keep them in line by bullying them with the threat of his base... it's over.

Trump will be confined to history's dump!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ukraine Scandal: The "Idiot Defense" is Trump's Best Chance of Staying in Office

                                        Good Day World!

Lindsey Graham may have come up with the best possible defense for Trump in the batshit crazy Ukraine scandal.

He basically told reporters that the people involved in the Ukraine scandal were "inept," and "bungling idiots." 

His argument that no harm was done because everyone involved was too stupid to be a danger to the country, isn't exactly flattering to Trump, but there may be a kernel of a defense there.

The problem is getting a world class egomaniac like Trump to go along with it. 

He thinks he's always right, and is a "stable genius." The last thing he'd ever admit to was being stupid. The "Chosen One" doesn't roll that way.

The Republicans are grasping for straws to counter all the facts that have been exposed showing Trump's efforts to bribe a leader of another nation to get political dirt on his 2020 opponent.

There is no "war room" of Republicans defending Trump. He doesn't want one because only he knows how to deal with the impeachment process against him.

It's that ego that'll be Trump's downfall.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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