Saturday, November 16, 2019

Day Two Impeachment: Bully Boy Trump Attacks Witness During Live Hearing

Good Day World!

Once a bully, always a bully.

A valuable insight into the real Donald Trump was revealed to TV watchers yesterday.

When he tweeted during the live impeachment proceedings and brazenly attacked Maria Yovanovitch, he showed himself to be a bully.

As usual, Trump threw a grenade into the fray to the dismay of the Republicans who are desperately trying to defend the indefensible.

The Republicans plan was not to attack Yovanovitch and to concentrate on slamming the process. But then came Trump. The bully boy had to attack her during the hearing with a demeaning and threatening tweet. 

As Chairman Schiff entered Trump's tweet into the record and suggested it could be used as witness intimidation, the Republicans in the room turned pale. 

In that moment, they must of realized there was no way to defend a sociopath, unless they denied reality. 

In an angry press conference afterward, the Republicans led by Jim Jordan, took turns displaying their indignant rage - each taking a moment to rant about conspiracies and the process in general.

But when it came to substance, Trump's minions were without ammunition. Shifting arguments - already trotted out without impact - was all they could fall back to.

The truth hurts. Yovanovitch spoke truth to power as millions of Americans watched the historical drama unfold in their homes.

Trump, because of his wealthy upbringing, was always able to get away with bullying people. The power of money was intoxicating. The power he has as president of the United States unleashed his inner dictator.

It's up to all Americans to see that Trump doesn't get away with intimidating witnesses and bribing another government to go after his political opponents.

Don't be surprised if Trump continues to interfere with live hearings next week. As a vicious and habitual liar, he can't help himself.

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