Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Trump is a Traitor and He's Gambling the Senate Doesn't Care

Good Day World!

Trump's reality show is deteriorating.

From the first day of his regime he brought in a loyal cast of characters ready to perform as he directed.

After three years, most of that original cast is gone and has been replaced by other sycophants ready to lie for him at a moments notice.

When the Ukraine scandal first broke, Trump wanted the whistleblower brought in and hung for treason. The threat thrilled his followers on Twitter, regardless of the practicality involved.

After all, his whole presidency has been a scripted act of corruption and ongoing destruction of our democracy.

Despite the fact that Trump is going to be impeached next week for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress, he's clinging to conspiracy theories, and the support of his core followers in an effort to ignore the reality of what's happening.

Fact: Trump was caught trying to get a foreign government to dig up dirt on his 2020 political rival Joe Biden. Then he tried to cover it up.

Trump's gambling that the senate is going to exonerate him in a dramatic show trial... but... 
according to senate insiders, McConnell is not going to play along with Trump's script. 

Moscow Mitch wants to at least give an appearance of a bi-partisan trial. To that end, he's meeting with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to lay out a bi-partisan road map for the proceedings.

Truth be told, McConnell is a cagey old bird who rides the political winds like a raptor, striking when he's sure of a kill. If it comes down to protecting Trump, or himself and the senate majority, Trump loses his gamble.

Twenty-three Republicans are up for re-election in the senate. Some are in states that could go either way. 

If the evidence is too damning against Trump, McConnell could release his colleagues and allow them to do what's best for each of them in their own contested districts.

Not that I expect that too happen. It would be the biggest upset in political history if the senate convicted Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors...

It's a nice thought however.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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