Friday, December 13, 2019

Fear and Loathing in the House: Impeachment Articles Sent to the Floor

Good Day World!

The final vote is approaching. The debates are over. Trump is going to be impeached next week.

Anyone who watched the final debate yesterday and this morning to send the articles of impeachment to a full vote in the House could see the fear and loathing throughout the proceedings.

Americans didn't have to be a politically savvy to see the naked partisanship among the GOP lawmakers. Their testimonies were fractured fables designed to muddle the facts being presented.

Not one Republican could honestly contest the facts, so they ran inference for Trump. They diverted, twisted, and tortured the truth to please a one-man audience.

What the world witnessed during the impeachment proceedings was a chilling display of power by Trump, who incorporated key government officials - from his chief-of-staff to the Attorney General, in an effort to cripple his primary political opponent in the 2020 election... Joe Biden.

A divided America watched the whole event unroll with fear and loathing as their elected officials fought over the fabric of their Republic.

It was jarring to watch the parallel realities play out in real time as the House debated sending the two articles of impeachment to the floor for a full vote.

It was disturbing to see how Republicans were acting without civility - like a bunch of rowdy third-graders - throughout the impeachment proceedings. They're undisguised loathing of the Democrats fueled their dramatic performances.

Everything about the hearings, including the factual evidence presented may have been a sham in the Republicans fairytale, but the reality was they had no REAL DEFENSE for what their master Trump did (and continues to do).

After playing their parts like perfect puppets (photo above), the Republicans got kudos from Trump today for a job well done. 

Just another day in the swamp.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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